Gears Of War 2 Aims Above The Hype

William Usher:

"I'll be dead honest with everyone right off the top of this article; I didn't like the original Gears of War. I'll tell you why I didn't like it: it was short, repetitive, riddled with samey environments and offered nothing new in the area of gameplay. Fan boys can complain and shout all they want, but that's not going to change the fact that the original Gears of War was a bonafide hype-machine to help shift Xbox 360's off store shelves (especially in comparison to Crackdown, which released a few months later, received less hype but contained a lot more gameplay functionality).

This is not to say that Epic didn't have a gravitating new franchise that lured gamers in with an intriguing premise and eye-catching characters. In all seriousness, it was the atmospheric presentation that Epic Games had setup within Gears of War that made it so memorable. That's why I'm somewhat pleased to know that this time around Gears of War 2 will at least maintain what made the original truly standout, but it will also contain actual gameplay too."

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Expy3860d ago

Hopefully it'll take longer than 5 hours to complete. The story was kind of bland as well. Graphics were tight though.

wulan3860d ago

questions should be

can it pass the graphical fidelity of CRISIS,UNCHARTED,SIREN and KZ2.

definitely not

does it have 60 player online and 8 player coop like Resistance 2


these kinds of LAME articles give FALSE hopes to xbox fans.

There are just too many mega titles that overshadows competition . Hopefully if all of them gets DELAYED then people would be hyped up for GEARS 2

Otherwise why would ypou hype up something which is not AS GOOD as THE OTHERS

Template3860d ago

When the game gets ripped to shreds by one of the biggest foaming at the mouth Xbox fan in the world this badly:

there's really nowhere to go but up...

There's really little incentive for Epic to even bother trying to make Gears of War 2 a decent game, there's nothing else to hype for the second half 2008 for the 360.

Gears of War 2 is going to get 9.5-10/10 from all the usual Xbox sites like EGM/1Up,Eurogamer,GameSpot,etc no matter how bad the game is.

Gears of War 2 will end up:

* Having essentially the same crappy 4x4 or 5x5 laggy P2P online

* The same tired old Unreal Engine 3 with some tweaks

* Tiny enclosed areas/rooms

* Tiny numbers of characters and enemies on screen

* The same jaggy problems for forground objects

* The same vaseline blur applied to everything beyond 30-40 feet to cover up the absurdly tiny draw distance

* The same shareware fps quality effects

And of course the same tired old fake 'OMG! everything is so shiny!!!' Epic marketing bullshots.

Monchichi0253860d ago

Listen to all the Haters!!! Hate all you might but it still won't change the Fact...Gears of War was GAME OF THE YEAR!!!

dragunrising3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Rip apart a game you've never played. Not one sentence of your rant contained anything pertaining to first hand experience. It doesn't matter who said what, millions of people love Gears of War. The Game of the Year had the best visuals ever seen on a console, addictive online game play, online co-op, and a short but sweet campaign (try beating the game on hardest difficulty and see how short it is). Template...the little boy that loves to hate and hates to love.

Little has been revealed regarding Gears of War so there isn't much to pass judgment on. People on n4g have a tendency of making predictions and blindly believing in them like the tooth fairy. Who is to say the sequel is going to be a worthy successor to GOW. I don't know and neither does anyone else. Speculation is just that- speculation. If Epic fixed even a fraction of the things wrong with the first, you can expect a great game. I wonder why Gears of War is still one of the top games played on LIVE...might be a good one. Try it out haters.

003860d ago

are you nazims brother?

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Cadence3860d ago

if there something i must say about this game ok first i play the first one and is not a bad game i kinda like it but the only problem with it was it was so dark my god i mean am completely blind i even use glasses
and it was making it more difficult for me but is a good game but i hope they just put more work in the dark problem cause it was jut to hard for me to see in the dark as far i was playing. but is a good game don't get me wrong.

PoSTedUP3860d ago

im not a fan of the 360 but i might buy this 1 for my computer, hopefull it will be better than the first one

PoSTedUP3860d ago

ill buy it for my computer, hopefully its better than the first one

hey hey hey3860d ago

haha another fanboy bashing a game that is 1 of the greatest game on console why do ps3 fanboys controll the net and think they can influence the masses hahahah kids

heyheyhey3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )


so poos3 is my impersonator (what you thought i wasn't gonna recognize the butchering of the english language?)

man you are sad


damn-fricken-straight i am

now bow down and give me bubbles i say

sammy_mantra3860d ago

In order to become a "GREATEST GAME" GEARS 2 would have to match /surpass KZ2/R2

which is immmmmmmmmmmpossssssssibleeeee eeee

littletad3860d ago

I gotta agree with him on this. Heyheyhey is the original.

Monchichi0253860d ago

I qoute "In order to become a "GREATEST GAME" GEARS 2 would have to match /surpass KZ2/R2

which is immmmmmmmmmmpossssssssibleeeee eeee"

LMAO!!! Gears already is considered head and shoulders better then both those games by the masses. The original Killzone was a bust. FACT and even tho Resistance was a Excellent game in itself, it did not even come close to Gears. Please tell me how many Game of the Year NOMINATIONS it even got???? Answer 0!!!
Gears of War won almost all Game of the Year awards!

Your comment is based on Fanboyish hope alone and you know it! LOL

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