Check out The Xbox One Controller Unboxed and Examined on Video; Comes with 2 Days of Xbox Live Gold

The Xbox One is still over a week from its release, but people are already starting to get their hands on its controllers, and when people get their hands on something, you can definitely expect that someone will unbox it on video.

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Neonridr1656d ago

2 whole days? Wowee..

LOL, It could have come with nothing, so that's a bonus I guess.

Abriael1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Yeah they give 7 days even with cod ghosts, I guessed 7 days would have been the case here too.

But hey, it's free.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1656d ago

2 days free of gold with a controller. desperate

XB1_PS41656d ago


Attack on the xb1 for giving away something free. childish

LoTuZ1656d ago

Lol ya its still free. But 2 days? Meh oh well.

Blaze9291656d ago

Duracell!? I want energizer! This is an outrage, MS has to be stopped now. I was cool with DRM and everything else but duracell is taking it TOO FAR!

lol i kid.

Biggest1656d ago

Blaze929, they could have sold you a controller powered by a potato, copper wire, and a handful of nails and you would be happy.

BattleTorn1656d ago

What do DS4 come with?

That's right - Nata

Studio-YaMi1656d ago

No it doesn't,I have one.

TrueJerseyDevil1656d ago

too much to ask for i guess from these money whores that we call Microsoft

Saviour1656d ago

yea like sony is giving anything?

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Morgue1656d ago

Could've came with an extra set of batteries.

Saviour1656d ago

maybe an extra console?

805Junior8051656d ago

Killzone comes with a week of PS+

GmIsOnPt3601656d ago

We have to see if xbox one games come with anything, Ps4 controllers come with nothing so the fact xbox one controllers come with 2 days isnt comparable to what games come with

LOGICWINS1656d ago

Killzone? What does that have to do with this video?

LoTuZ1656d ago

Im confused. Sony announced 1 month free of ps+

SuperBlur1656d ago

with their console yes . if you purchase a xbox 1 controller you get 2 days of gold

tigertom531656d ago

xbox has that 1 month of gold too...

SilentCabose1656d ago

I remember the days where they would give you 30 days for free in the game case. I think gears 2 was the last to do it though...

princejb1341656d ago

lmao 2 days
at least 2 weeks MS

Nujabes_1656d ago

The Xbox 360 controller also comes with 2 days of Xbox Live.

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The story is too old to be commented.