Helldivers New Screenshots

Sony just released these new screenshots for the top-down shooter Helldivers which is coming exclusively to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems in 2014.

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christrules00411623d ago

Hokie dyna I forgot about this game. Add it to my list. So many great games coming out. By this time I've read so many next gen articles I just want to play them already. Come on friday baby. I can't wait.

iiwii1623d ago

Same thing I said when I saw the title. I completely forgot about it, and I even thought it looked pretty good when they announced it.

FamilyGuy1623d ago

I might have to pick this up, depends on price though. I like top down shooters and this one looks good and sounds like it could be comical too.

christrules00411622d ago

Usually it's $15 for this type of game.

NateCole1623d ago

Not me. Been following this game since announcement. It looks like Dead nation which i really love.

The previews as well said it is a very hard game which is what i like.

christrules00411622d ago

Yeah I love Dead Nation too. =)Knowing me I'll probably spend a month or 2 trying to go through the game without dying once.

WeAreLegion1623d ago

This is a great team. I can't wait to play anything these guys put out.

tokugawa1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

muffdivers would have sounded better

i remember the first time this hit, and the fanboys went wild at just a name

DigitalRaptor1623d ago

This is incredibly cute. If this is how bitter the Xbox trolls are going to be this generation, then, damn.... I'm gonna probably suffer some kind of laughter trauma.

Although I heard laughing makes you live longer, so.. thanks!

HaveAsandwich1623d ago

helldivers, the order, destiny. yea.

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