Stack Social Offers RetroN System+Games Bundles

Hardcore Gamer: For $19, you can get the system and two RetroN controllers, while $39 gets you that along with two available NES games of your choice for $40. For $59, you can get the system, two controllers, a Zapp gun, and two NES games.

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GodGinrai1777d ago

*Does 80s commercial voice* *cue 80s rock music in background*

with games like Super mario, faxanadu, Ice climber and donkey kong, you will REALLY be playing with power...

Rad racer has graphics so will think your REALLY there...*sitting in couch with race helmet on and NES controller in hand*

NINTENDO! your REALLY playing with power..

djtek1841776d ago

I feel really old reading your comment lol!

GodGinrai1776d ago

dont feel so bad...we lived through one of the best eras of gaming ever..and we can say, "we were there" :)

Kydawg1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

My NES still works. Sits next to my SNES, N64, Gamecube, and Wii. Will not buy the Wii U, yet.

GodGinrai1776d ago

I want a WiiU...but I REALLY want it for the virtual console... I need super mario bros 3 and ice climber back in my life! lol