LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Delayed On Xbox One

Warner Bros has confirmed a delay to the Xbox One version of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The game had been scheduled to be a launch title on Xbox One. It’s still coming out on all other formats on November 15th, apart from on PS4 in Europe where it will arrive on November 29th alongside the hardware.

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jackanderson19851778d ago

aww that's a shame was gonna get this day 1 have all the other lego games... suppose i could get it for the 360

sincitysir11778d ago

I honestly doubt it'll be any better on next gen. Lego games have gotten repetitive

Blaze9291778d ago

this is interesting. I wonder what the cause of this could have been. Surely not "to make the game as best as possible for the player experience" lol...its a lego port.

akaFullMetal1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

What sucks is that it's being delayed just a couple weeks from release.

stavrami1778d ago

apparently the 720p was too much and the blistering graphics of lego needs to be put in 480p ……..don't shoot me i am just the messenger ;-/

Dlacy13g1778d ago

lol, ironically 480p only supported on the PS4.

stavrami1778d ago

Haha back to the drawing board for me then. "hangs head in Shame"

HaveAsandwich1778d ago

delay box one! i'm kidding. i really don't even care about the xbox at this point.

WeAreLegion1778d ago

That's...very odd. I hope this doesn't affect sales. I'm picking it up for PS4. My condolences to XBO owners who were looking to pick this up at launch. Luckily, there will be plenty to keep you busy. :)

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