PS4 pre-orders ahead of Xbox One, Ubisoft boss suggests

But Xbox One "will be a best-seller as well", says Yves Guillemot

Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot has suggested that that PS4 pre-orders are ahead of Xbox One.

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xHeavYx1711d ago

Everybody seems to be suggesting the same thing

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Blackdeath_6631711d ago

they wouldn't be unless there was a significant difference between the two. anyways few more days left we will see how things go down in north America. its really hard to imagine the XBone being even close considering its only launching in 13 markets

Neonridr1711d ago

Makes sense. The PS4 has a lot more going for it. Even if you factor out the extra power, it just seems like Sony is aiming this machine to be all about the gamers.

Microsoft seems to be marketing their console as the more all in one device to replace all your devices on your TV stand.

In all fairness to MS, that's fine and dandy, and if that is what you are aiming for with your console then by all means go the XB1 route. There will be some awesome exclusives and 3rd party games will still look and play great.

Personally I think I've just outgrown MS this last gen and I truly did miss out on some wicked Sony exclusives.

I might be jumping ship next gen and switching to Sony. I have never owned a Playstation before but I've already registered my account via the PSN so that I am ready if/when I do take that plunge.

Besides, it seems like most of the MS exclusives I can still play on my PC, so I won't be missing out on as much this time around.

kewlkat0071711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Can't disagree with your pov...

I truly think besides the games the whole experience will be better on the Xbox One counting the infrastructure and XBL which is why I'm getting it first.

Sony has made some strides with PSN but still wait to see how it performs. We know, they will have the games. I will get PS4 later when the heavy hitters are out.

MightyNoX1711d ago

I'm not disagreeing with anything you've said except point out one thing -- The Xbox One doesn't replace all devices on your TV stand. You're still gonna need a cable box.

Neonridr1711d ago

lol, my bad. Oh and a 3D bluray player too, if you are into that.. ;)

hello121711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Why do Sony fans ignore the fact the XB1 has a superior UI? Do you truly not believe the casual and neutral gamer would prefer the Microsoft UI?

Compare both UI's side by side, only the most delusional of people would think Sony UI is superior.

For online multiplayer. player hosting (peer to peer) is the old way of doing game online.

Do you not think dedicated servers is better, really? Sony provides no servers-Microsoft does.

In regards to price. Sony provides no camera. Microsoft does. So Sony could offer a console at 400.

More powerful console. The differences between both versions of the same game, have been minor, nobody is really going to mind.

MysticStrummer1711d ago

@KNWS - The "better" UI is subjective. I prefer PS4's.

MS doesn't have a monopoly on dedicated servers. PS3 games had them, and so will PS4. Besides that, those 300,000 MS servers are virtual and shared with all of MS's cloud enabled business and personal software.

XB1 is more expensive because of a camera that most people didn't want on their 360. We have yet to see a core game that uses Kinect in any way that makes a significant difference. I'm glad Sony made their camera optional.

The resolution differences alone indicate a significant power gap, and those aren't the only differences.

ABizzel11711d ago


My guess is because "GAMERS" aren't spending $400 - $500+ with their major concern being the UI. Albeit there are some neat things both are doing, but really UI is a desperate thing to fall back on.

Online multiplayer, PSN was a solid service when it was Free, it's only going to get better now that PS+ should be on a larger install base, and yes Sony is using dedicated servers for their first party games, and bigger third party developers also use dedicated servers themselves (EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom, and more). XBL is great, and the additions to matchmaking and player ranking will make it just that much better. But is it worth $100 more, especially considering you have to spend $60 a year on XBL and get nothing, while you can spend $50 a year on PS+ and get 2 free PS4 games, 3 free PS3 games, and 2 free PSV games per month. PS+ nullifies any advantage XBL has had, besides these "stability issues" PSN that I have never experienced.

Camera. There are supposedly 80 million XB360's out there, there are approximately 25 million Kinect's sold (including Kinects bundled with consoles). Find me the sales of the best selling "NON-BUNDLED" Kinect game, and tell me is Kinect worth the addition $100 - $150 price. Only 31.25% of 360 gamers have Kinect, and which means the majority of 360 owners don't care about Kinect. And if a camera is really that big of a deal you can still buy the PS Eye for $60, and get a $460 PS4 and still save you $40 compared to the XBO.

More powerful console FACT. The PS4 a lead of over 55% resolution and 15% average fps increase in BF4 compared to the XBO. That's not minor in any way, shape or form.

If you're an "casual or neutral" gamer there is no reason for you the pick an XBO over the PS4 unless you really enjoy Microsoft's 1st part games.

Quick breakdown

XBO Console + Kinect
25 Games (average gamers buys 5 games per year, $60 each over 5 years)
5 years of XBLG

PS4 Console
145 games (25 average gamers, + 2 games per month with PS+)
5 years of PS+
****180 PS3 games (PS+)
****120 VIta games (PS+)

Why would you buy a XBO.

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stavrami1711d ago

microsoft says different and what they say must be true coz they got a graph

MightyNoX1711d ago

It's funny cuz it's true. Microsoft DID say they have (and I quote) just as many pre-orders as the PS4.

Manic20141711d ago

Well, that was one of the Dev's all the exec's have stated they have got more than twice as much pre-orders compared to the 360......

twinspectre1711d ago

is this a clear message that the Playstation is back to its roots?

SpinalRemains1381711d ago

The cream will always rise to the top.

The Bone has been exposed. Gimped multi plats, no native 1080p, and very strange behavior on the part of its manufacturer. They cannot make up their mind until the customer becomes irate with their policy.

Goodbye, Bone

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