FIFA 14 Xbox One & PS4 Gameplay Video

FIFPlay: Another FIFA 14 Next-Gen video showing stadiums, players and gameplay.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1532d ago

great sound track can't waittttt

Whitey2k1532d ago

what sound track is that?

yezz1532d ago

The song is from Rudimental and the singer is John Newman if that is what you were after..

Whitey2k1531d ago

Thx @yezz +bubble 4 u dear sir

ANIALATOR1361532d ago

does st James' Park have a decent depiction on it?

pheature1532d ago

i find it difficult to always tell how fifa will play untill i actually play it, all the cutsences and game photage looks similar althou the fans look great its the gameplay im more curious of.

Steven211532d ago

GAHHH Looks unbelievable!