Why Square Enix wishes more of its games were like Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 may seem like a weird role model for traditional, single-player games. After all, the 2010 open-world shooter is mostly known for it ridiculousness. It’s a game that let’s you tie a car to an airplane, all while encouraging you blow up anything and everything possible. Critically, Just Cause 2 has a very respectable 84 average on Metacritc. Good, but nothing remarkable.

So, how does this game, which came out back in 2010, still have half a million unique, active players every month?

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nidhogg1712d ago

Okay suuure Square! Since you are "strategizing" lately while ignoring to localize some of your better games like Final Fantasy Type-Zero, why don't you make your next iterations of ff like Just Cause 2? Blow sh*t up to oblivion with NO MORE plot elements! since profit is your first and foremost goal right? I mean, who doesn't?

3-4-51712d ago

I wish more SE games were like DQ9

jc485731712d ago

aren't they "kinda" doing it with FFXV?

WeAreLegion1712d ago

I wish EVERY game was more like Just Cause 2. I love GTA V, but sometimes...I just want a grappling hook and unlimited parachutes. And more destructible environments. :/

Gamesgbkiller1712d ago

Yeah.. same thing here.

Played it over 100 hours and got the Platinum couple months ago.

I hope JU3 is true :)

WeAreLegion1712d ago

I do, too. Mad Max looks freakin' awesome! But...I want Just Cause 3 right now. There are so many lists out there for what we all want in Just Cause 3, but the big things for me would be:

- Multi-player (At least 4 players)
- More destructible environments (Like Red Faction)

oof461712d ago

I still play JC2 from time to time. However, trying to find every little bit of red building to 100% a section got annoying.

DrRobotnik1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

First thing Square Enix needs to do is change there name back to Squaresoft. Second, stop trying to westernize your damn games! There's a "J" in JRPG for a reason. Third, split off from enix. Yasuhiro Fukushima is now the CEO, he originally was the co-founder for ENIX games. He was the Creator of Dragon quest(a final fantasy rival in the past). Dragon Quest VIII was awesome yet FFXII was crap. You might want to put 2 and 2 together.

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