Grand Theft Auto V: What Achievements Players Are Earning

Seven weeks after Grand Theft Auto V’s release, one in five players, either voluntarily or otherwise, has been eaten by a shark. In a strange balance of the karmic scales, one in four have fed unsuspecting victims to a cannibal cult.

That’s how you pick up Out of Your Depth and Altruistic Acolyte, two of the 49 Achievements players can earn in GTA5. We pulled data from the total number of Raptr users playing the game on Xbox 360, and it paints a pretty interesting picture of how players are approaching the game.

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C-H-E-F1735d ago

I achieved a Platinum trophy weeks ago. :D

hiddenglitch1735d ago

it's nice to be one of the 2.7% who have completed 100%

hiddenglitch1735d ago

online I'm at level 142, what percentile is that?

die_fiend1735d ago

The glitching percentile