Shuhei on PS3 Support: “All of Our Large Teams Will Move on to PS4″; Cross Buy “Just Makes Sense”

He later added, “We’ll continue to support [the PS3] as long as there is demand.” - PSLS

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ABizzel11777d ago

What would really be great is if you could use your PS3 in a similar way as the PSV and PSV TV, and stream your PS4 content to the PS3 in another room, that way you keep physical backwards compatibility and you have another console to steam PS4 games.

Mikelarry1777d ago

Thank god for cross buy. I didnt think it will pick up but I am glad for some of uts offering.

GTgamer1777d ago

Hell yeah Cross Buy is awesome and it makes sense.

AceBlazer131777d ago

All teams moving on to ps4 by december. can't wait to see what other exclusives sony has in store

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The story is too old to be commented.