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BioGamer Girl states, "Call of Duty: Ghosts has arrived for next generation consoles, and it's best played on Xbox One. It's difficult to say any game is perfect, but Call of Duty: Ghosts comes as close as any game can get. The addictive multiplayer featured in the game delivers non-stop action that all gamers can appreciate. Call of Duty: Ghosts like any game has a few minor issues, but it still manages to be one of the best looking games on next generation consoles, and it's always a fun game to enjoy alone or with friends in versus and cooperative game modes. Call of Duty: Ghosts makes numerous changes from its predecessors to make it the most original release for the series in nearly a decade, and it's possibly the most entertaining release ever released in the entire Call of Duty franchise."

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lastofgen1777d ago

I acknowledge that the xbox one version is the most stable of the platforms (going by all the reviews), but this game does not deserve a 10.
But it is your opinion, so I respect it. I just don't agree with the 10.

Kingthrash3601777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

x1 being most stable? i heard otherwise...but nevermind that you are right about it not being a 10 far from a 10...makes me wanna go and look at what games has it givin a 9...i wonder what bf4 got...its a better put together more content having deeper mp fps gme..this is just cod bias. even the biggest cod fanboi knows this isnt a 10 cod...but opinions are are becoming opinions more and more , soon the will be just opinion pieces that hold no true insight. if this game is a 10 then the scoring systm is broken
previous scores...
bf4 fact they gave r.i.p.d. the game a
tlou fact they gave fuse a
(that 5.8 is just disrespectful for bf4 and shows clear bias...i mean if cod a 10 bf4 is at least a 8...though truly my scores are cod 6 bf 8.5)

xHeavYx1777d ago

This review is a joke, but I didn't expect any less from this website

u got owned1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Every review is saying the Xbone version is more stable. not that it matter the game still sucks anyway.

lastofgen1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

just wondering, where did you hear that the x1 isn't the most stable?
I read that it's the most stable off of ign, polygon, and some other reviews.

edit: so, what? I'm getting random disagrees yet no say on which reviews posted negative posts on the stability of the x1 version?

zeal0us1777d ago

What credibility this site had(if they had any to start with) was lost.

its_JEFF1777d ago

@Kingthrash360 that's is the talk that's going around. Surprisingly enough, the talk is the the XBox One version is more stable than both the PS4 & PC version. That's pretty crazy!

Kingthrash3601777d ago

i heard ps4's only lagg was between checkpoints x1 had a littlt lagg while playing its the current gen who is more stable I HEARD...i never said i believe though. ill wait till i play them n see for myself...maybe they are wrong....cod is a busted game now anyway too much repetitiveness. i just hate to see a undeserving game get a 10.

JasonKCK1777d ago

@Kingthrash360 pretty much every website is saying the X1 has better performance. Where have you been hiding all day?

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-Foxtrot1777d ago

It's biogamergirl...what do you expect

Sorry I couldn't help myself

imt5581777d ago

Polygon is one of the reviews, right? I read that. Hilarius review. :-D

If you don't know, framedrop can be easily fixed with patch.

lastofgen1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

There are five other reviews (and probably more pouring in now or later), including IGN's, that state the same stability improvement in the x1 version. You can find the rest of them if you want to. And just because you may not have agreed with some of polygon's reviews in the past for whatever reason doesn't mean that you should automatically disregard everything they publish. Reviews are primarily opinionated, but when reviewers get technical, they're mostly accurate in that regard.

By the way, it's spelled "hilarious," not "hilarius..."

ikkokucrisis1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Here's something that we're all forgeting...

PS4 plays games at multiple resolutions (720p included).

If you have such a hard on for stability, framerates, superiority complexes...just realize that your display options for this game are limited with 1 of the 2 next-gen consoles

1777d ago
imt5581777d ago

Sorry! Hilarious!:-D

Yes, i read the other reviews. Framedrop is not big deal if it can be fixed.

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Neonridr1777d ago

As soon as you say a game has minor issues it automatically doesn't deserve a 10. In fact I don't think any game deserves a 10 because in essence you are saying that the game is perfect and no game will ever be better.

xPhearR3dx1777d ago

10 does not mean perfect. It means it's one of the best games in it's genre that money can buy. It's really not that complicated to understand.

Neonridr1777d ago

10/10 actually by definition means perfect. That shouldn't be really complicated to understand. If you score 100/100 on your Math test, guess what you got a perfect score...

All I am saying is if this game is worth of a 10/10 then should any other FPS game be able to get a 10/10 as well? And if multiple titles can hold a 10/10 score, then doesn't that detract from the value of a 10/10?

xPhearR3dx1777d ago

A video game isn't a test with questions that have correct answers to them. It's a product. No software/hardware is perfect, thus making 10/10 an unachievable and useless score by your logic.

Again, if only one game in the world could have a 10/10 that would make a 10/10 a useless and unachieveable score by your logic.

There's a reason I said "it's one of the best GAMES in its genre". Games. Plural. More than one.

PixelNinja1777d ago

I've always said it, no game can be a 10/10, if so it means we have reached the epitome of Video Games as it would be the perfect game.

georgenancy1777d ago

same site gave the last of us a piss poor score,what do you expect......

mdluffy1777d ago

omfg, don't tell me that fanboys exist even in reviewers?
They need to have an open mind, not be fanboys!!

finbars751777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Are you serious? Buddy I guarantee that both sides are going to be arguing over the score. This game is far from a 10 on either console. This girl obvisouley needs as many hits as possible. Fanboys a side mdluffy this game is an easy 7. Plus I will see if she does a review for the PS4 version then that will tell all. Just because the COD is a flagship for MS doesn't make it perfect by any review for the xboxone

GortJester1777d ago

Reminds me of news organizations... You would hope they are non-bias but that turns out to be total shit...

Volkama1777d ago

I know it's hard for some people to accept other people's opinions, but I'd give TLOU a 7 or 8 as well. It had lots about it I didn't like, despite evident qualities.

Can't imagine I'd give cod a 10 though lol.

Trekster_Gamer1777d ago

The last of us looked pretty but got tedious and boring and was nowhere the awesome experience of UC2.

MsmackyM1777d ago

Someone has to pay the site, may as well be MS.

felidae1777d ago

call the police ... it can't be that a game runs better on the xb1!

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