Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox One) Review – No 1080p, No Problem | COG

The franchise makes it debut on next generation consoles. COG takes an in-depth look at the Xbox One version of the game.

"It’s only fitting that the first game I hunker down with on a next generation console is a Call of Duty game. Since 2006, I’ve logged in a lot (and I mean a lot!) of hours playing Call of Duty on the Xbox 360. Friday night used to be “the night” we would all get together online, party chat and blast away to some CoD multiplayer. Some of my best gaming memories are from those nights. While some of my others buddies would be out getting ‘blottoed’ at the bar, I preferred being “the geek” at home with my crappy headset on and just having a great time. In recent years however those play sessions seem to be fewer and far between. Call it franchise fatigue or maybe we are just getting a little bored of the same old. Whatever the case may be, not all the Friday night regulars are into it as much as we used to be. Could Call of Duty Ghosts turn things around and rejuvenate gamers who have drifted away from the franchise? Read on to find out."

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LoTuZ1738d ago

No 1080 should not he a deal breaker. Questionable maybe, but will still look amazing. Xbo is powerful. Just sayin.

Blaze9291738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

i dont get why it would be a problem when call of duty fans have been playing the same game with the same graphics since cod4..people think they would all a sudden notice now?

Computersaysno1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Its only a problem if you expect your $499 next gen console to provide you with a significant graphical performance improvement.

Other than that, if you buy a nigh on 500 bucks new console and only expect the game to look maybe a little bit better than one on a $150 8 year old console you're probably doing it wrong

mikeslemonade1738d ago


Your logic is just garbage. I'm not gonna even bother clarifying.

GameNameFame1738d ago

You cant say it is powerful and cant run 1080P in same sentence.

And People suddenly notice because they expect next gen console to you know.... bring next gen graphics.

Dont give me same graphics bs.

H0RSE1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

The reasons behind COD being 720p on X1, has more do to do with the developers and/or MS sending out drivers/dev-kits late.

You only need to look at a game like Ryse, which is more hardware intensive and is running at 900p, to see that COD running at 720p, just doesn't add up. You can add Forza to the argument (1080p native/60fps) for good measure.

JeffGUNZ1737d ago


This isn't a MS issue, this is activision porting this game from last gen systems, last gen engine, and forcing it to make it playable on next gen consoles. this game was not built for the PS4 or Xbox one. No one should use a game such as COD to be a bench mark for power of the systems. I fully expect the next installment of COD to be 1080p on each consoles and they will actually take advantage of the hardware. All COD Ghosts is doing is putting itself on two generations of consoles really quickly to boost their sales. I will not play a COD until they have a new engine for this comin generation.

P0werVR1737d ago

I know what I'm buying. As long as it plays "those" games and more, I'm good. I have a PC if folks want to talk specs, your console can't touch this.

If I want a hardware in a box, it better do some cool stuff and not just play a game.

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wishingW3L1738d ago

for a console that is more expensive? And what about last gen when some PS3 multiplats were like 10 20 pixels less but it was like the world was coming down?

IcicleTrepan1738d ago

You're the type of person that doesn't understand why a car with leather seats costs more than a car with cloth seats.

Lwhit61738d ago

A car with leather seats=PS4; costs less.

You make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Ashes2Ashes1738d ago

lol If the car with leather seats is the PS 4 then that means it is missing a steering wheel. (Kinect 2.0)

I believe the point was more bang for your buck when you break everything down.

HammadTheBeast1738d ago


So, by that analogy,a XBO without a Kinect should cost about $360 max, because of the power difference in comparison to PS4?

MysticStrummer1738d ago

@Ashes - Implying that Kinect is like a car's steering wheel is comical. The "steering wheel" on both consoles is the controller. Kinect is like using voice controls for the car's sound system instead of pushing buttons.

Both PS4 and XB1 are like nice sports cars, to continue the metaphor, but PS4 is definitely the higher end vehicle. Better tech, cheaper console price, cheaper access to all the features, and fewer features hidden behind that paywall. There's nothing inherently wrong with Kinect, but until it's shown to be necessary for a quality gaming experience, it's… not.

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AceBlazer131738d ago

Not powerful enough to get cod at 1080p or forza at 1080p without 'the cloud'.

the console is weak sauce whether you acknowledge it or not.

serious question for you people defending it why get cod or any other cross gen game on xbone if they're basically identical? might as well stick to 360 at least it'll be more populated.

macethedon1738d ago

Spot on about the cross gen thing!

Death1738d ago

The worlds most powerful gaming console can't run BF4 at 1080p. Honestly, if the PS4 was running everything at 1080p and 60fps, then you would have a point.

The PS3 wasn't just more expensive, the cost was due to the PS3 being more powerful. When multiplats didn't look better on the more powerful console, that power was questioned. No one is claiming the Xbox One is more powerful than the PS4, the expectations aren't the same. The additional cost of the Xbox One is for Kinect, not a magical processor and new storage medium that will enable "TrueHD".

XboxFun1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

"serious question for you people defending it why get cod or any other cross gen game on xbone if they're basically identical?"

This could be said about the ps3/ps4 or any cross gen title.

What differences are there in terms of gameplay besides the graphic difference? Are the controls different, is the AI smarter, extra modes, more enemies? Maybe an extra bump in players for multi...which I think there is.

If all you have to brag about or look forward too is a shinier coat of paint and darker browns than you really have set your expectations low for "next gen"

mcstorm1738d ago

So let me get this right for months people on here have been saying they don't care about cod. Then it coma out that the Xbox on version is only 720p and the ps4 version is 1080p and now people seem to care about the game? What is it with people on this site?

If you don like the Xbox one wiiu or ps4 good for you get the one you want and stop botching about the consoles your not interested in and go and comment on things you like it really dose make you feel better.

Droidbro1738d ago

You're trying to rationalize with irrational trolls. Logic, and experience do not apply.

Lwhit61738d ago

I still don't care about the game.

I just care about the fact that the Xbone can't run the game in 1080p

Death1738d ago

It's actually 1080p native vs. 1080p upscaled. More people care about the game then they let on. I'm not sure I understand the hate for games that have high demand.

4Sh0w1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Lwhit6 you dont care about the game but you care about the res? lol, troll confirmed.

Ironically for all the res focus, X1 version is the most stable version so it plays better than ps4 version= lower res > fps issues.

SpinalRemains1381738d ago

The game is not the issue.

The issue is the inability of one the new systems to run it on par with its competitor.

It doesn't matter if its cod or Ass Creed or whatever. The issue is that PS4 handles the code and the Bone needs a gimping.

BBBirdistheWord1738d ago

@ 4show

agreed. It has been confirmed that the Ps4 had to sacrifice framerate to get the graphics up to 1080p.

I guess the 1080p 60 fps on ps4 thing was a myth.

mcstorm1738d ago

@SpinalRemains138 so what your saying is you buy the console that has the best looking 3rd party games and you owned a 360 this gen and an Xbox the gen before as the 3rd party games looked better on them than the ps3 and ps2?

Come one wake up its early in the gen and everyone knows we can't go off the 1st batch of 3rd party games as there was always going to be issues and gimped versions of there games just Like we saw with the wiiu 3rd party games last year. People are so one track minded on this site its funny.

TheXgamerLive1738d ago

Agreed. Sadly but like ive said before, sony fans have become the embarrasment of the gaming community. B'ching little kids making zero sence.

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Transporter471738d ago

I am sorry but the headline is way too funny.

MysticStrummer1738d ago

It is funny, and it misses the point. The 1080p thing has nothing to do with the games themselves, and everything to do with a power gap that MS and their diehard fans have insisted doesn't exist.

Death1738d ago

The huge power gap is less than many want to believe. The game is displayed 1080p on the Xbox One, but it is upscaled from 720p. Unless you are taking still images and analyzing them, you really can't tell.

I believe the diehard fans simply don't care about 1080p native vs. 1080p upscaled as much as they do about the online service/community and added features the Xbox One has.

MysticStrummer1738d ago

Upscaling is just as good eh?

Ah yes, the MS company line. Unfortunately, the resolution difference is still there and is indicative of a power gap. Nothing you said in your answer refutes that, other than the denial that no one can tell the difference which is obviously untrue.

What the hell though, right, because 360 games have said 1080p on the back all this time even when they weren't so why not continue that proud tradition? MS fans won't care, or at least that's the assumption, and it's apparently true in your case and in others.

If the games you want to play are on XB1, that's awesome, buy it and have a great time, but the continued denial about the tech inside just makes you seem fanatical.

twinspectre1738d ago

who cares about COD? when in next gen we will have something better

HammadTheBeast1738d ago

With Killzone and Titanfall on the horizon, I believe you.

Comnnsence1738d ago

From bad reviews to now positives on Xbox one? Someone is really happy when that check cleared.

jackanderson19851738d ago

could be the MP taking affect... on the current gen they're only 12 max players... on next gen it's 16 (i think 16) which helps with the map sizes as they're too big for 6 vs 6

andrewsqual1738d ago

Holy crap 16???? Awesome!!!
Oh wait that is a normal number for only 360 owners this gen.

jackanderson19851738d ago


not for ghosts the current gen got gimped to 12 players max

Jeedai Infidel1738d ago

Is ground war game type still around? I thought it used to support more players on the bigger maps.

-Foxtrot1738d ago

"No 1080p, No Problem"

Here we it doesn't matter when it really does


hankmoody1738d ago

The Last of Us clocks in at 720p. Just curious to see if that disappoints you or not.

kiz26941738d ago

The Last of Us in 720p looks amazing... The Last of Us in 1080p would look even better. I don't get you point.

-Foxtrot1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

That's not a next gen game is it

Philoctetes1738d ago

So what you're saying is that Xbone can't even outperform a PS3 game?

jp_footy21738d ago

It doesn't disappoint me but maybe you should consider that PS3 was released 7 years ago.

AngelicIceDiamond1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

The Last Of Us looks amazing in 720P. So 720P res looks great overall.

If its current gen it looks great (TLOU and Halo 4) if that's the case then 720P should hold and look just fine on next gen as well.

I'm speaking strictly 720P here.

Salooh1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Normal person who like X1 should be ok with X1 being 720p but also should be excited that PS4 can do 1080p. But i guess guys like you just want to complain. No matter how fanboys look at it 1080p is better then 720p. Why can't people accept that and move a long. It doesn't need a certificate to acknowledge that.

Ps4 is stronger and cheaper and more friendly for gamers. We are gamers so going 360 on the issue won't change the issue , just state facts and choose. It's as simple as that. No one should fight over these things if facts were spread.

stuna11738d ago

How are you going to make a comparison when a game is built on a current gen console that games already were trying to achieve 720p as the standard? Most 3rd party games were hard pressed to hit 720p regularly.

Now it's been shown that at least 1 of the next gen consoles is being shown to set the standard for displaying games at 1080p on a consistent basis, you want to go back and try to scrutinize the current generation games for being able to? Seem like you should just let the past be the past, and look toward the future! Unless you're one of those.....who think 720p somehow is a better resolution than 1080p!?

Death1738d ago

The reason people aren't shocked by the 720p is because we have been enjoying 1080p upscaled games for years now. The native resolution hasn't been an issue to this point. Now that the PS4 has a few more 1080p native games it is being trumpeted as a real game changer. The problem I see is people are using resolution as the standard when they should be focusing on the quality of the pixels being rendered instead of the resolution.

Sci0n1738d ago

last of us is last gen and still is up to par with X1's next gen titles.

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Nujabes_1738d ago

I'm going to tell you something that will blow your mind:

Some people care about resolution, some people don't. Not everyone has the exact same opinion, we're not a hivemind.

GmIsOnPt3601738d ago

60 fps not a big deal since ps4 version has frame rate issues out hte yang?

kiz26941738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

haha i dont see one hiccup of a frame, as frame rate issues. I see games that constantly drop down with a margin of 10-20fps as an issue. ( just thought I would clarify i'm not digging at any other game, just saying, that much of a drop is an issue.)

GarrusVakarian1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Sigh.....mis-information and the grape vine effect are exactly what your comment is composed of.

" since ps4 version has frame rate issues".....What, CoD ghosts? Those frame rate issues that high end PC's also have? Yeah, it must be the PS4's problem...../s

Elit3Nick1738d ago

It only matters if you believe it does, not everyone shares your opinion. Some people don't see the difference in resolution , and many don't care that there's a resolution difference at all, in the end, they will go where their friends and favourite games are.

-Foxtrot1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

For the love of god it doesn't matter if you can see the difference or not the point is one version is 1080p the other isn't and they are BOTH on next gen consoles. The one which isn't 1080p is the console YOUR paying MORE for....come on

If one version is then the other should's different if people were comparing the PS4 and Xbox 360 versions but they aren't

Seriously it's like people don't want the most out of their know consoles your PAYING a lot of money for.

Elit3Nick1738d ago

The "you're paying more for less" argument would only work if the Xb1 had the exact same features as the PS4, but it doesn't. I want the kinect and all the immersive features that it will bring, and I want the extra media features that it has. And why do you think that most of the games on the Xb1 will be 720p, this is it's first year and it has the more complex architecture of the two, whatever gap there is right now will only get smaller. Remember the first year for the PS3, the multiplat games had a lot of issues because third party developers had difficulty getting proper use out of the cell, of course I don't expect the people here to "remember" this.

hankmoody1738d ago

My point is, at the end of the day, it really DOESN'T matter. Why? Apparently the Xbox One Ghosts looks absolutely fantastic in 720p. Not surprising. Also, the PS4 version at 1080p is being reported as not much of a difference from the XB1 version and also reported as suffering from a bit of chugging frame rates in spots.

My point is, if the game is great in that it looks great and plays great, why should the resolution matter so much? You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who can tell the difference between 1080p and 720p. I personally don't think that it's the end of the world either way.

mistertwoturbo1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Bookmark this site waiting for the Forza 5 review and I can guarantee they will mention something about how beautiful 1080p will be. 1080p matters only when they want it to.

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