Important Importables: Kisekae Set System (KiSS)

From the article, "The kisekae set system (KiSS) is a computer program based on the Japanese principle of kisekae ningyou - playing dress up. It is strikingly similar to the Flash doll creators you find online, only KiSS programs and sets are saved to your computer so you can play at any time.

It was quite an internet phenomenon in the 1990s, and many artists worldwide (both amateur and professional) took the time to create dolls, art and programs to share with other users online. It also became a way for users to bond with one another, as artists would often create huge collaborative efforts, like Silicon Sue or Dark Side of Cute. Many KiSS artists are coming out of retirement, so it's worth learning about KiSS and the dolls you can play with in it.

What kind of sets are there? Any kind! If you look online for kisekae, you'll find dolls based on anime, video game, cartoon, literary and film characters. You'll find plenty of original characters and dolls based on real people as well. There are also quite a few artistic pieces which you can interact with, and even a few free games."

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