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GR - When it comes to the cars-go-fast genre, sim racers have their niche and I have a finely worn groove entirely established by Criterion’s historically spot-on sense of speed. When I pick up a Criterion racing game, I can tell it’s from the British developer instantly. Random crud from the road flies up at the camera, the car seems to lean back as the center of the screen sucks inward, and the digital speedometer in the corner never drops below 100 miles per hour. It’s for that reason that I was a little apprehensive about Need For Speed: Rivals from franchise newcomers Ghost Games.

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ftwrthtx1592d ago

I want my PS4 and my copy right NOW damnit! :-)

theXtReMe11592d ago

You and me both. This is one of my most anticipated games. Should be a blast both online and off.

ftwrthtx1592d ago

With AllDrive, you are kind of playing both online and off at the same time.

GT671592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

@ thextreme

I dont know about that just yet i would advise playing it first then give a sound mind comment.
from criterions record i do believe hotpursuit and mostwanted had burnout flavor. as a NFS die hard fan neither game had the SOUL of NFS.
if RIVAL feel like burnout it too will be returned to retailer as was CARBON,PROSTREETS,UNDERCOVER,T HE RUN,criterions HOTPURSUIT,MOSTWANTED. 6 games return after 5 minutes of gameplay judgement........

1OddWorld1592d ago

@GT67 - You seem like a takes no sh!! type of guy. I can respect that. Let us all know how you feel about this one. I use to love NFS but unfortunately NFS: Carbon was the last straw. Really hope this one brings them back.

Bubbles for you btw GT67

theXtReMe11592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say sound mind comment, as I never said it was going to be the best game in the world, it just looks like it will be a blast for me. I was one who enjoyed Most Wanted. I loved the game Chase HQ in the 80s arcades. The cop portion of this game is exactly like it. I could play it for 100 hours straight and never get bored.

I don't play much online, so that portion doesn't really matter to me. Though I could see people having a blast with it. Hopefully it meets up to your expectations and that of others, so they can expand on the series and continue making it the best it can be. I think next gen consoles will go a long way into bringing the world and game alive.

Most Wanted was one of my favorite games at the beginning of last generation, it's looking like this game will be one of my favorites of the beginning of this. Again, my opinion and I don't force it on anyone else.

GT671590d ago

@ the xtreme1

my comment was not to you but only to post in that slot. in case you dont know most gamers select anyone comment to post not to fall below first page.