PS4 Hands-on Preview - Need for Speed: Rivals | PlayStationLifeStyle

PSLS writes: Developer Ghost Games and EA allowed us into their lair (actually it was Slide SF in San Francisco) where they set up a bunch of PlayStation 4's, Xbox One's and HD TVs and handed us a controller.

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dbjj120881775d ago

As a racing fan, it's basically a must-buy at PS4 launch.

HaveAsandwich1775d ago

i'm waiting for driveclub, as far as racing goes. i WILL be buying this eventually, though.

C-H-E-F1775d ago

Is it known if you can use manual transmission? NFS has been slacking in that arena for sometime now. I think The Run had it, but MW (ps3 version), Hot Pursuit didn't.

ftwrthtx1775d ago

I never saw a MT option.

C-H-E-F1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Yeah I figured, me neither HUGE break for me welp. I hope you guys enjoy, guess i'll be getting GT6 for my fix haha.

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WeAreLegion1775d ago

Just bought it at GameStop earlier. Can't wait to put it in my PS4. (After Killzone, of course.) ;)