Why I prefer the Xbox One Controller vs the DualShock 4

Hardcore Gamer: This is not a review of console performance, aesthetics or the games therein, but simply which controller feels better in my hands. That award goes to the Xbox One.

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sincitysir11774d ago

Ok again this is simply a subjective opinion! But thank u for sharing

LOGICWINS1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yeah, thats usually the way it works in opinion pieces.

I'm sure both controllers work well. I do find the 360 controller more comfortable for long term play given my bigger hands(this coming from a person that uses the DS3 80 percent of the time), but that DPAD is crap. Don't even get me started on the batteries.

I played with the DS4 at Gamestop the other day and its MUCH improved. The triggers feel sturdier and the triggers have circles in them (like the 360 controller) that hold your thumbs in place.

I can't speak on the new Xbox controller as I haven't used it yet.

@Septic- Awesome impressions video. I'll def subscribe to your channel.

Septic1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Tried both and I preferred the DS4 a little more which is quite surprising because I think the DS3 is cheap piece of plastic compared to the 360 controller with the exception of the D pad.

Anyway logic, check out my impression of the x1 controller! #shamelessattention

The x1 controller is really enhances all the strengths of the 360 controller so it's the controller of choice for fps fans but the DS4 has this amazing texture in the back. You'll probably prefer it for longer gaming sessions.

thereapersson1774d ago

Hey logicwins, don't forget the fact that the latency has been reduced and the fact that the analog sticks are a lot more precise with a tighter dead zone!

darthv721774d ago

seeing as the new controllers use the same layout for buttons and pad/sticks, it can be assumed there wont be much difference in the way they play.

there could be some difference in the way they feel but not something to out of place to get accustomed to. I like and use both designs for the current gen and know i will like and use both in the next gen.

LOGICWINS1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

@thereapersson- YUP. And from Septics video, you can see that unlike the PS4 controller, the Xbox analog sticks are designed to literally grab hold of your thumbs. Look at that depth. I LOVE that.

Its a little disheartening that MS couldn't make the controller rechargable out of the box, but $25 for a play and charge kit isn't something to whine about.

thereapersson1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )


I watch people play Killzone Shadowfall and I almost forget that players are using a game pad and not keyboard and mouse. Really, really excited to play FPS games on a console again.

@ below

Best of both worlds; The texture on the larger grips make the DS4 easier to hold for people with larger hands.

LOGICWINS1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

^^Yessir! I'll probably end up using the DS4 controller more. The symmetrical sticks just make more sense to me. I plan on playing a ton of EA UFC and I don't see myself getting used to asymmetrical sticks to play a fighting game. And it seems to have adopted the grip of the 360 controller.

DVAcme1774d ago

@LOGICWINS That $25 for a charger kit for the XB1 controller's not much? I'd already be paying $100 over Sony's console, I gotta pay $25 on top of that just so I can re-use the controller with it not dying on me? I'm sorry, but that's a load of crap.

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Mr Pumblechook1774d ago

This guy is a fanboy. It's ok to prefer one controller but this dude used it as a basis to say the call do duty review is better on Xb one.

tigertom531774d ago

this is my quick grade the ds3 controller was a 6 out of 10 which I would now rate it a 8. he xbox 360 which i think was and 8 it now a sold 9 if not a 10 if it had a rechargeable battery pack included. ds4 is the most dramatically changed for the better and the xbox one is just perfect.... My Opinion... :))

2paclives1774d ago

thanks guy! enjoy your controller!

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