No 3D Blu-ray Support Means Invalidating the "One" in Xbox One

We have heard recently that the next-gen Xbox which was supposedly a home console for the whole family would not support 3D Blu-ray support. Gamesradar argues that this undermines the Xbox as the "one" as it does not pertain the logic of being an all-in-one device.

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Neonridr1650d ago

Well that's dumb. Fortunately for me I have a 3D Blu ray home theater system so it wouldn't affect me. But to not have the feature is just dumb. Just one more reason for me to go with PS4 next gen.

Neonridr1650d ago

serious about what? Not having the 3D support is dumb? Absolutely. The PS4 will have 3D Bluray support just like the PS3 did.

No reason not to have it there since almost all new TV's have 3D.

4K support is there even though nobody can really take advantage of it (very few people), but 3D which is readily more available is opted against?

Just seems weird to me I guess.

Legacy2121650d ago

They are patching it in later. Its no 3d blu ray at LAUNCH

Neonridr1649d ago

is it only a firmware update that makes a drive 3D capable? I would imagine the drive laser might have to be different, otherwise any regular blu ray player could be upgraded to a 3D player with a firmware update. Instead, you have to purchase a separate player.

Legacy2121649d ago

Ps3 became a 3d bluray player through a patch....

jackanderson19851650d ago

is 3d still going on? damn i thought that was dying out... or at least i was hoping so... stupid cinema's jacking up the price by 5 euro just because it's "3d"

mochachino1650d ago

Not that I care about 3D that much but that was a mistake on MS part.

Revolt131650d ago

But I mean really? 3D is still a thing being pushed?

GryestOfBluSkies1650d ago

there are still a good amount of movies coming out in 3d

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The story is too old to be commented.