How Gamers Have Ruined Pokemon Trading in Generation VI

Jill writes:

"So, Pokemon X and Y have been out for about a month now, and has been one of the best selling 3DS games that Nintendo has released for its latest handheld console. Since having been introduced in the fourth Generation, online trading through Wi-Fi connections have made collecting, trading, and battling all the easier, as players are no longer required to meet up in person, and interact through messy cables, allowing for battles to be conducted easier, and Pokedexes capable of being completed more quickly."

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klecser1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

The author is doing it wrong.

1) Wonder Trade is no different from any form of gambling. You gambled and you got screwed? Shocker. That's what gambling is.

2) A much more useful way to use the GTS is to make requests and YOU offer something that you know is worth it. No one ever said that you had to surf the GTS for what you want. You can offer what you think is worth the trade and then just be patient enough for someone to select it. I think this author is more bothered by her lack of patience than the service itself.

The article, summarized, basically says: "We created a free market trade and people were dicks about it." Well, duh. Its like that all over the internet. That isn't a game design issue. Its a cultural issue. You can't force people to be good hearted. But, you can be good hearted and influence others. That isn't how gamers roll though. Everyone should be expected to be good hearted to them, but to expect that person to do something selfless in the name of a positive community is just lunacy.