Woman Demands Walmart Fill Canceled PlayStation 4 Christmas Pre-Order

Kimberly Coleman of Cleveland Heights is an avid Walmart shopper, so it was only natural for her to trust with an important Christmas pre-order for her children, a PlayStation 4 and an additional controller. However, ten days later, Coleman was filled with disappointment, after receiving an email that her $399 order had been canceled. Coleman called Walmart customer service and claimed she was told the company took too many Playstation pre-orders.

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user74029311654d ago

shame on walmart, denying her a true next gen console like that.

Anon19741653d ago

Hopefully she'll be ok. Buzz I've been hearing is that Sony was anticipating the high demand and plans on having a tonne of inventory between launch and Christmas. I spoke to one Gamestop manager who said "Inventory shouldn't be a problem. We had 7 PS3's at my store for launch. We have 600 PS4's available in our warehouse for my store."
It certainly sounds like Sony was anticipating this demand, and they themselves are projecting 3 million PS4's sold by the end of the year, 5 million by the end of March. Right there that says there should be plenty of inventory.

At least I hope so. I didn't bother pre-ordering mine and I'm still hopeful I might get one before Christmas. We shall see.

HammadTheBeast1653d ago

More importantly, wtf is up with the article pic?

guitarded771653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Wal-Mart sucks, and should never be trusted for hardware launch. I tried to call yesterday to make sure they'd honor Target's buy 2 get 1 free offer, and after 5 times of being hung up on due to their incompetence, I just read the Wal-Mart FAQ on price match, and they DO honor the ad if you bring it into store.

When buying a console at launch, I prefer my local GameStop. I'm not a fan of GameStop, but the guys who work at the one in my town are very competent. We sign in anytime after 6pm on Thursday to get our line number and receipt. Then at midnight, we just walk through the line and they hand us our PS4's. Fast and efficient. The people in the electronics department at Wal-Mart have no idea what a PS4 even is... worse than Best Buy (but Best Buy is horrible too).

mikeslemonade1653d ago

Well she can always get the Xbox One which should be in stock. It's either that or wait for a long time or pay $550 for PS4 from a reseller.

Anon19741653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

@mikeslemonade. No no. She said she wanted a game console for her kids. I didn't see her say she was in the market for another cable box at all. :)

T21653d ago

500 plus per store ? If true that would be insane

dmeador1653d ago


I read the Walmart price matching terms just the others day for a Verizon phone promotion, and it states they do no honor BOGOs and the like

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thisismyaccount1653d ago

Everyone talking about the news, ...

Yet, i wonder why the ar-h-l- had to use an image which depicts a woman suffering, crying out loud (most likely from the typhoon that hit teh Philippines
recently...) ; You sir or entity disgust me...

Anon19741653d ago

I didn't even catch that. Yeah, that's not appropriate.

MajorLazer1653d ago

Well, considering the poster is one of the biggest trolls on N4G, I am not surprised

Elwenil1653d ago

A Google image search only turns up a bad page and someone's Pinterest account with the pic listed under the heading of "Sad People and Animals" with the caption "crying woman" so I don't know if it's logical to jump to the conclusion that it's related to any particular event.

victorMaje1653d ago

Can't help but think it has to do with the typhoon, if so then is definitely not appropriate & who approved it?

esemce1653d ago

Well said, my first thought when I saw it.

Lykon1653d ago

great pic made me laugh

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kupomogli1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Fortunately, Sony has a product for people who aren't able to get a PS4. It's called the PS3.

Comnnsence1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Ummm, Well i guess she doesn't want a Xbox One.

iiwii1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Yeah, I would be crying too if that's all I was left with.

Hopefully they can get her one reserved for her kids.

All kids should have a good Christmas.

NeoTribe1653d ago

Well actually it is considered news. Just.. lame news...

Neonridr1653d ago

lol, who preorders a console 2 weeks before its release and expects to get one?

Granted it was an online order, so it's not like anyone could really tell her what she should be doing.

Hopefully, for her sake, she ends up getting one for her kids for Xmas.

thehitman1653d ago

Well if you pre-order it still before release and they take it they are suppose to for fill it if not by launch but when the next available ready console is shipped so your not store hunting. I would assume that would still be by xmas... and if not walmart should have not taken her pre-order. I dont know the legal matters on what Walmart can or cant do when its regarding pre-orders but w/e it is they should still honor it as the customer is always right.

ZBlacktt1653d ago

What store says you can and then cancels your order because they messed up.

Neonridr1653d ago

yeah, I mean they could have just said we can't fill this with the launch allotment but will do our best to have it to you before christmas..

Very weird that they just cancel it without confirming anything with her first.

Robdeagle1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

It's Walmart nothing there surprises me anymore.

I could go into long stories about price matching and there online sales but I'll just save you the trouble and say what I always say "Only at Walmart"

Everything sucks - cust. Service, carts, cleanliness of stores, people, 50 checkout lanes only 4 open, etc...

Edit - everything but their prices.

ZBlacktt1653d ago

I just sent the story to Shuhei Yoshida. Bet it gets fixed now. ;)

NewAgeisHere1653d ago

Lol....that would be funny.

Killjoy30001653d ago

+1 Bub, hahaha, I was going to do the same :D

nidhogg1653d ago

I can't stop imagining that the woman in the picture could actually be Kimberly Coleman.

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