Hulu Plus for PS4 detailed

Hulu has announced Hulu Plus support for the PlayStation 4, with the new streaming video app expected to be available alongside Sony’s console on Friday, November 13th. The company already has a PS3 app, but the PS4 version will boost artwork size and improve navigation, Hulu says, along with introducing dedicated pages for specific types of content like Hulu Kids, Originals, and more.

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Godmars2901651d ago

Still waiting to hear about BlipTV, Dailymotion or especially what the Viacom deal might entail.

ThatArtGuy1651d ago

Must like Friday the 13th, because that's not this month.

Conzul1651d ago

Tried Hulu Plus.
Discovered that it still had ads.
Left, did not look back.

UnrealThreats1651d ago

I think im like the only one who uses hulu plus. I like that they have a toooon of tv shows

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