Xbox One's lack of backwards compatibility is tactical, not technical.

"While Sony has announced plans to use cloud gaming network Gaikai to stream PS3 titles to both PS4 and Vita beginning next year in North America, Microsoft said this week that it currently has no intention of offering backwards compatibility on Xbox One. That’s not to say the company hasn’t got the capability to do so, but right now it would make no sense to commit to such a possibility..."

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Godmars2901778d ago


Double for the PS4 and Gaikai.

Gamer6661778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Yep, because Sony can be trusted on BC...

They did so good last gen... Delivered a $600 console with BC...

Then, they killed BC to get the cost down... Then, they insulted PS3 fanboy's intelligence even more by release "HD" versions of PS2 games on the PS3... Not only did they drop BC, but also made gamers pay to enjoy games they may already have owned and played on the PS2...

Brilliant... Now, Sony is the BC savior!

Oh how easily mindless gamers forget!

Godmars2901778d ago

Where MS introduced BC after Sony began pulling it, stopped, then did their own HD remakes like Halo and Fable - which is coming soon.

Seriously, mister Glass House, it wasn't like I was praising Sony for what will likely amount to triple if not quadruple dipping at this point.

Biggest1778d ago

Anyone actually interested in backwards compatibility on the PS3 most likely bought a launch PS3. PS3 "fanboys (without the apostrophe)" as you call them, would have jumped onboard immediately. No tears were shed by those "fanboys".

How exactly does having something on millions of PS3s equate to not having that thing on a single Xbone unit?