A first look at MotorStorm 2, details and info

Talkplaystation writes: "MotorStorm 2 is going to be bigger than a sequel to the first muddy racing game; in fact MotorStorm 2 is that big it has its very own island and 16 tracks to race around on!

MotorStorm 2's island is a tropical paradise that allows players to race on several different tracks including jungles, beaches and swamps. The location of the island is in South Pacific and features a volcano - maybe we can expect some volcanic action while racing or something along those lines."

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hok_223861d ago

amazingly mind blowing lol it feels good to be a ps3 owner just wow keep it coming sony man 2008 and beyond are the years of ps3.these are only scans yet they look awsome can't wait for this game 16 tracks is ok but i want split screen and a great online then im sold 100 %

hey hey hey3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

those screen shots are from the released trailer and is clearly not ingame why do trolls on this site try and insinuate that it ingame when it clearly not motorstorm was A CRAP game.

fenderputty3861d ago


Motorstorm is still one of my all time favorite racers. The addition of split screen, more tracks and customizable cars makes me all tingly inside.

felidae3861d ago

Motorstorm is the best looking "non-simulator" racing game.

plus the atmosphere is the best one in a racing game ever ...

so please, just shut up Hey Hey Hey!!!!

3861d ago
Maddens Raiders3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

on any system made since video games were invented. Period/Point Blank; end of discussion.

^^^ sammy -- consider it done.

I need some of those bubbles people. Holla if you hear me.

fenderputty3861d ago

All of them must have disagreed with me too. lol =P

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Real Gambler3861d ago

Sure, split screen is a must and had to be added. Sure more tracks are better. But Motorstorm was just a perfect, awesome physic, on the edge of your seat, driving game. Sure there wasn't enough tracks, but those tracks were all great, with just enough straights, and perfect curves, , multiple paths, and narrow places. It's easy to add more tracks, but if they are not as well done as the originals, it will simply be "another" racing game.

There was something in the original that, I think, will be really hard to do again. But who knows, they have done it once, I guess, and sincerly hope, they can do it again! But if it's anything like the first one, with split screen, then bring it on!

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Cadence3861d ago

i hope this one is not so monotonous as the first one going around in circle all the time boring so i expect for this one to be more open world since is an island it would have more of the advantage and it could end up just by looking as crysis but in the open world way.

sammy_mantra3861d ago


2008 just is an awesome year for PS3

Kleptic3861d ago

first one was boring?...what?...each track had like 7 alternate took me a few months just to remember which route to take with each vehicle for the shipped maps...

I agree it was pretty bland in terms of options...but the racing itself was/is some of the most intense of this generation so far...

trancefreak3861d ago

totally agree with you kleptic and i still play it on and off trying to remember were some routes are. be nice to have some lo flying moto airplane that was built just for the race. something out of mad max where u had to get great acceleration to stay up in the air for short periods at a time

fox023861d ago

just as good as "the E3 video"

fenderputty3861d ago

I know the teaser is GG but, lets not let that detract from what's going to be an awesome game. The first one was killer only being docked for lack of split screen and tracks. They're giving us that and more.

kapedkrusader3861d ago

...maybe too good to be true.

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