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HG: With the PS4 version already available in stores and playable a week earlier, the Xbox One version has its work cut out for it to be the definitive way to experience the multiplayer-centric game. We've been able to comfortably experience the game on Microsoft's next-gen console for tens of hours, trying out all of the modes, getting destroyed and destroying others in multiplayer and comparing it with both the PS4 version and its Xbox 360 second cousin.

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Golden_Mud1778d ago

So multiplayer is better on the X1 ? this review isn't understandable

GamersRulz1778d ago

No, he simply prefer the controller.

also didn't have enough time with PS4 version to make a decision on which is better.

AlexanderNevermind1778d ago

Seems like he's saying he prefers the X1 controller and thus the X1 version.

AlexanderNevermind1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

see link

I for one can play with both, but prefer the DS4 over the MS controller

MorePowerOfGreen1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

It's actually widely being said.

It's down to what is more important to the console companies. Sony wants to dazzle the gamers with graphics and MSFT with gameplay. MSFT keeps saying let devs decide on REZ, they know Sony is pushing devs to up the resolution for marketing hype.

Seems like the XB1 is just more stable console overall despite different development agendas.

He said he has to go back and play some more PS4 version to make sure XB1 takes the cake on how COD runs. Don't know how the guys above missed him praising how it ran on XB1 and ignored the context of PS4, only seeing the controller parts

AlexanderNevermind1778d ago

He says that he has not even had much of a chance to play the PS4 version. Where on earth did you pull that the gameplay was better on X1?

Please try harder with your next Bubble.

OlgerO1778d ago

Yeah maybe in your circles

DoesUs1778d ago

More Stable?! And if the PS4 ran at 720p upscaled like the X1, then what? You really do need to take a break now, taking this far to seriously.

finbars751778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

I'm confused by this article period. Is he reviewing for both consoles or for one? The problem with this review is that hes only going by the one console he played on not by both which really isn't a fair comparison. When he says I never had enough time to play the PS4 version then why is the PS4 version being brought up along with the feel of the controller? Im fine with the Xboxone review but dont bring up the PS4 version when you havnt even did a full review on it. It just sounds like a reviewer trying to either get hits or defend a console thats been getting burned at every corner it takes.

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kiz26941778d ago

"the controller feels like it was built for this game" ... It doesn't even take advantage of the vibrate triggers.

FANTA11801778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

does it need to ?..

the thumbsticks positioning is ideal for fps games.

Supermax1778d ago

Um there's dedicated servers on x1 version this should be the biggest thing for multiplayer.

TearsOfARapper1778d ago

Don't take me as a troll. I'm getting the Xbox One at launch (and this game), just giving you a sophisticated response that I don't want you taking as a troll attack as it seems to be the norm here. But Infinity Ward has said all systems use dedicated servers.

n4gamingm1778d ago

hybrid peer to peer servers not TRUE dedicated servers there a difference. not trying to start a argument but look it up.

razrye1778d ago

Finer looking launch titles? Wtf!

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