Please don't pre-order the Xbox One from Dell, they won't deliver it on time

A Reddit user had pre-order his Xbox One from dell which promised to deliver by 12/31/2013 but after he had pre-odered the console he noticed that the dates have been changed...

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zeal0us1626d ago

Not too late to cancel but he or she will be waiting regardless.

Out of all companies why on did the user choose Dell?

armour19971626d ago

I don't know, but right now we are talking to them, will keep you updated.

Neonridr1626d ago

I would never order a console through Dell.

The fact that the console would arrive by December 31st should have clued the person in that it wasn't a Day One edition.

gusgusjr1626d ago

damn that sucks for people expecting it day one or within the week.

armour19971626d ago

oh yes, tho dell told us they might change the estimated deliver date to somewhere else maybe earlier but will know more after the release of Xbox One

gusgusjr1626d ago

good luck if you ordered one from there. hope you get one

KillrateOmega1626d ago

Of all the places to pre-order next-gen console from, why would you go with Dell?

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