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"With the PS4 and Xbox One releasing within the next few weeks, gamers will experience for the first time in nearly a decade a holiday season where all three new next-generation consoles are competing against each other. Sure, price can be an important factor, as can the power of a system; what we cannot forget, though, is that gameplay rules supreme and as such, games must ultimately be compared.

Many consumers will be heading into stores this holiday season looking for a new next-generation console to own. Perhaps they owned all three consoles from the previous generation or maybe just one. They’ll nevertheless be looking at the games on each console before making their ultimate decision as to which one to buy. Therefore, it is important to consider the holiday lineups for all three consoles" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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LaWiiG1773d ago

EA's initial support will obviously go farther than it did for the Wii U. It's a shame, really.

ShinMaster1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

They compared the PS4 and Xbox One's launch day games against all of Wii U's major releases to date.
Why didn't they compare launch line up vs launch line up instead?

Talk about Nintendo Enthusiast being desperate.

No91773d ago

I think the point was, going into the holiday season, what options we have. I'm not too impressed with PS4 right now. I have a PS3, but there's nothing on PS4 at launch I want to play, that's why I'm not buying yet, these supposed announcements on Thursday evening by Sony might change things. Xbox one is not worth $500.

Misaka_x_Touma1773d ago

You didn't bother reading their conclusion

stragomccloud1773d ago

Kinda' like when people were comparing all of the Wii U's launch lineup to all of the games that were coming out for PS360 at the time, huh?

R00bot1772d ago

Uh, the Wii U launched with more games than the PS4 and the XBOX ONE.

Also, it doesn't matter to the consumer when the games came out, they're buying the system NOW, they want the games that are out NOW.

LaWiiG1772d ago

I think it's able to be compared. There are many games front-loaded for both releases in comparison to the Wii U's, which was highly hesitated on by EA and other third-party companies.

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clouds51772d ago

Fuck EA. They can go bankrupt if you ask me :P
The only good thing about them is Bioware. And their games have become considerable worse since they were acquired by EA... And they would be fine without EA.

Yep1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Hilariously enough, I've seen people complain about opting out the cross-generational games from the PS4 and Xbox One line-up when these were the very same people preaching what the author is explains in the beginning, that cross-generational games don't sell next-generation systems rather they are more of an afterthought. The only difference between those people and the author is that the author isn't pushing an agenda, applying this logic to all platforms, not simply the ones he doesn't plan on buying.

DarthZoolu1773d ago

If you got your current-gen games from GameStop you can upgrade to the next-gen version for 10 dollars, and if you haven't played Battlefield 64 player buckle up because its the Best! I been on it on PC non-stop so get a XBOX1or PS4. Also I can't wait to play Killer Instinct and NBA2K14. I have a Wii U because I got it for $100 but its just insane to say 3rd party titles are a factor when choosing a single console. Nintendos idea of buy this console to go with one of the others is crazy. Some people have that kind of money but most parents aren't going to spend $700 on just console in one go. I don't have kids, buying games is where most of my extra money goes. But many of my homegirls and homeboys are buying concole for them to play as well as the kids, I feel like no one brings that point up. With PS4 or XBOX1 you will have a wide range of quality games to play, there will be AAA Titles in every genre. With WIIU you will have two genre of 2 genre of AAA Titles Platformer and Adventure. Now if they drop the price to $200 then jump on it.
And yeah we all know this list is shenanigans. Lol it was like Sarah Palin wrote that article.

1773d ago
Deltaguy1773d ago

ps4s line up is horrid..a mediocre shooter..a mediocre adventure thing they have is resogun which looks fun as knocked it out the park for launch...imo

spektical1773d ago

let the rage flow through you

2paclives1773d ago

disagree. It's definitely not the best lineup ever, but it's balanced very well. Fps games, sports titles, platform game. Second son really should have been a launch title.

ritsuka6661773d ago

Hmmm... not an extremely strong line-up if you ask me.

dcj05241773d ago

I don't think there has ever been a "extremly strong line-up" before.

Beastforlifenoob1772d ago

The WII U has some great and unique exclusives but dont think for a minute that the PS4 doesnt have some great games that the wii u will not recieve.
Let us list all the games the PS4 is getting but not the wii U:

Battlefield 4,
Killzone Shadowfall,
Infamous: second son
Tom Clancys: THe division
Metal Gear Solid V
Elder Scrolls online
The order 1886
Dragon Age Inquistion
Dying light
Diablo 3
The Witcher 3
Mad MAx
The evil within
Wolfenstein: The new order
Mirrors edge 2

Hmmmmm... Yes all of those games are severly "mediocre". Sure those arent "day 1" launches but withing the launch "radius". Also to call it horrid confirms my original suspiction your just a troll.

Ol_G1772d ago

Same can be done with a Wii u list and it would be twice as long you're acting Wii u won't get any games after 2013
Also your list is filled with third party games kinda missing the point this article was trying to make try to read before you yell

N4g_null1772d ago

Most games worth playing there will be on pc also.... so for that reason along im looking forward to steam os. Sony has not learned how to make games yet... they think I want to feel in my games or wait on greatness. They will just feel apathy from gamers like me as we just laugh at all the hype. In fact with out their hype they would be quite a soulless company. Game play sony game play man! Where is it! Sony is becoming ms in my eyes. Their features are just a distraction that I dont need because I dont like the majority of their games. To put simply... if sony went third party only EA and ubisoft would murder them yet nintendo would have a real fighting chance yet it would be a dumb thing for them to do when we all know everyone is buying smash and mk8.

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JackieCruise691773d ago

If I didn't already have the Wii U, I'd be gong for it now, obviously.
As for between Xbox One and Ps4? Sorry Sony, but Knack isn't all that amazing looking Game-play wise and I don't like shooters..
Exclusives get my buy, and the One is kind of ahead by like, 4 games. Not only out of the ones listed, but, upcoming exclusives as well. Sony better step it up in the exclusives department if they want my money in the future.

Yep1773d ago

Nintendo has maxed out my hype levels with Super Mario 3D World. It's amazing what they can do with one game.

Beastforlifenoob1772d ago

Its not that "amazing" its fun but in the end its a stock standard platformer

N4g_null1772d ago

True it is the standard platformer that no one can one up all of a suddent? Knack is simply horrible... the same guy made the damn hardware and knack is all he could come up with? Where is sonys 10-20 million platformer game?

Sony make a damn real game will you! I have money and I will throw it at you! I'd rather buy a flame workstation from autodesk than a ps4 right now wtf!

hopefully the ps4 sells off hype along, the games may cuase a backlash as of right now. After the worst pr ever I still want titanfall and if it is not on pc I will be playing it on an xbone why, because I dont give a sh, t about pr, all I want is games.

from the beach1773d ago

Donkey Kong Country is an unfortunate loss for the U this winter, but its library still stands toe to toe with the new consoles, and Mario 3D World will be tough to beat.

Misaka_x_Touma1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

It not. For it to come February instead allows it to sell Wii U after Holiday. It woud be another drought til Mario Kart 8 in spring if it wasn't delayed.

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