Witcher dev: Publishers use DRM as "smokescreen" to cover their a**es

CD Projekt Red CEO Marcin Iwinski says industry already knows DRM doesn't work, but continues to use it anyway.

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zeal0us1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Why on earth does companies still use such an outdated method? If the thing primarily used to stop piracy than its not doing it job. DRM is a pain for legitimate buyers more than the pirates.

List of games with DRM that have yet to be pirated

zeal0us1775d ago

Two words.....Server Emulator

xPhearR3dx1775d ago

Oh. Well, I don't pirate games so I don't know. Just took a random guess lol

zeal0us1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Me neither I just took simple search on Diablo 3 torrent on the piratebay after seeing your reply and server emulator came up in the comments.

I rather just buy my games off Steam. Its less hassle,I don't have to worry about my ISP calling me and or have to go searching on the net just for an update to my game.

TheTowelBoy1775d ago

DRM.. I dont know who you are or what you want but I will find you and I will kill you.

Plagasx1775d ago

You know damn well who he is...

kingdip901775d ago

They use drm as an excuse to get the sheeple to go all digital which benefits the corperations much more than the customer... all it does for us is remove a sense kf ownership and add a little convenience...

Hicken1775d ago

Or, since DRM usually makes the legit consumers go through hoops to play their legit games, adds a little inconvenience.

RicardJulianti1775d ago

It's funny to me that they are probably the most anti-DRM developer in the industry at the moment...but got on stage at the MS press event at E3 to promote Witcher 3 on X1...BEFORE the DRM 180 happened.

Makes you think a little doesn't it...

Somebody1775d ago

They are still anti-DRM but in the original XB1's case, what choice do they have? They are expanding into new demographics(consoles) so there are some things they have to follow.

Their games are DRM free from and yet they are also sold on Steam. It's the one of most successful and acceptable type of DRM with millions of registered user that it's unthinkable if CDP simply stuck to GoG alone.

RicardJulianti1772d ago

It's more about how they got on the stage and didn't mention that Witcher 3 was going to be on anything but the X1. They could have easily said, "Available on the Xbox One and other platforms next year"

Or...they could have stood their ground and not put the game on the X1 at all (pre-DRM reversal of course). Ideals mean nothing if you don't stand by them.

Somebody1772d ago

It's unavoidable for them to claim anti-DRM while selling their product across multiple platforms that will have some sorts of DRM. The consoles itself are DRM boxes with layers of software based DRMs so even by thinking of making a 360 version of TW2 will make them look unprincipled.

They have principles but they know where they can push it and where to hold back.

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