ResoGun Trophy List

Check out the trophy list for Resogun which includes a platinum.

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Sevir1739d ago

I have a feeling I'll NEVER get the "How Do I Stop This Thing" Silver Trophy... thats just like the Tokinizer Trophy on the SSDHD and SSD:Delta. to this day i havent been able to boost through 15 tokens...

Boosting through 50 enemies just seems near impossible!

I'm ready for this game and I'm ready for the PS4, Nov 15th at Midnight! I swear

Lowsnamebrand1739d ago

Amen my friend got the Friday Saturday Sunday off work Saturdays my sons birthday but two days is great IMO

nosferatuzodd1739d ago

lol i hear you man cant wait to just bug out 15 of us deep are going to buy beer drink Hennessy and order pizza and play killzone all day Saturday and Sunday at my house

sprinterboy1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I still have nightmares getting "tokinizer" trophy lol, never did get it.

DigitalRaptor1739d ago

A plat. Yes, it has a plat!

That is going to be one tough b******d to get though.