Kotaku: Xbox Live Preps for GTA IV Server Riot

Kotaku writes: "If Microsoft has one thing going for them that no fanboy rant can question, it's Xbox LIVE. As long as Nintendo has friend codes and Sony has, uhhh, we'll get back to that, Microsoft stands tall on their untarnished pedestal. Well...untarnished if you ignore the month+ of outages around Christmas 2007. The fact of the matter is, Xbox LIVE has failed the consumer public before. And it could fail us again.

Jump ahead to next week, we have GTA IV-a game that's so big that-we'll let Microsoft's General Manager of LIVE Services Operations, Derek Ingalls explain that metric:

"...we are preparing for a spike that could be much larger than what we saw with the launches of Halo 3 and Activision's "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."

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NO_PUDding3860d ago

Ofcourse we fanboys can question anything.

Like why in a years time will you gte a better service on PSn than Live, and yet you ahve to pay for one?

Anyway, i orefer not to get involved :P

hey hey hey3860d ago

fools like you think while the psn gets better over tim tbat xbox live will stand still with 0 updates your just a twat and have no clue

socomnick3860d ago

Am I the only one that finds it illogical that pudding above is praising something for what it will *might* have instead of the crappy service that it is today. Pudding you are the reason sony keeps abusing you and your fellow gamers because you deem nothing they do as bad. Delay home, horrible dev tools = horrible games, craptastic online network, ripping european players, lackluster exclusives , the list goes on but fanboys like yourself dont care you are content with the promises that sony gives you. Demand change demand more dont settle for the worst.

sammy_mantra3860d ago

something that remains dead 50% of the time

a garbage service which asks you to pay 50$ for useless 2D text achievements on a GARBAGE console that dies minutes after purchase

Not to mention the laggy LIVE because of LOW powered 3 FIX ME

demand change and this is why x360 couldnt even reach 17 m consoles SOLD worldwide

GiantEnemyCrab3860d ago

Sammy OH Sammy boy! You must feel better right now being able to pull all those numbers out of your arse and get some breathing room.

Live down %50 of the time?

Xbox 360 at 17mil sold when MS just announced it's 19mil and still way ahead of the CRAPSTATION (tm) in install base.

Laggy Live because of low power 360? Wha?

Paying for achievements?? Silvers have all the features except online play for free.

"You know that feeling when you take a huge dump? Awesome!" - Eric Cartman

LJWooly3860d ago

Live is better than PSN, but not $50/£40 a year better.

socomnick3860d ago

Ljwooly dude it is m8. It really is I cant stand not having all the great features the xbox has on the ps3.

LJWooly3860d ago

I know, I've had both. In the end, it just comes down to how much those features matter to the individual. I really can't see the advantages over PSN that Live offers being worth the fee, but I can understand that if you're really accustomed to the features, PSN may feel a little bare.

Although, I could swear that most of these people who moan about PSN don't sound like they've used it. For a service that's completely free, it's stellar I wouldn't complain about an improvement, though :)

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sonarus3860d ago

i dunno. I probably wouldn't be rushing straight to the online. GTA is a game where the SP is what really shines. I doubt most ppl will be jumping online asap.

BeaArthur3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I agree with you, but by early to late afternoon the servers are going to be a mess. I would normally play the single player first, but since I am taking that day off I am going to pick it up first thing and then play online so that I can try it out with my friends before I have to unplug my modem in the afternoon. I guarantee you that Xbox Live is not going to be prepped well enough for Tuesday. I can still remember having to wait until the next morning to even download the Call of Duty maps.

Fishy Fingers3860d ago

Too right, I wanna check things out first. Smash a few grannies, p*ss of a few coppers, you get the idea.

I want to see whats really NEW about the new GTA before I go online. Why rush it?

UnblessedSoul3860d ago

Most people will be playing single player at first

Adamalicious3860d ago

That's what I do for every game that has single and multi, unless the single is just training mode for online.

HD DVDs COFFIN3860d ago

Sony has free online and less than 1% of console failures.

What does Xbox Live have?Hannah Montana in HD?

BeaArthur3860d ago

Clearly you are new at this so I will cut you some slack. Your comment belongs to the right.

MrWonderful3860d ago

his comment is fine. people post worse crap than that in this section. if there is a propblem the mods will delete it

BeaArthur3860d ago

ThePeoplesChamp...although it is not super fanboyish it still belongs in the open zone. Yes, I agree with you, I have seen far worse but at the same time that is what it is there for and that is where it belongs.

SUP3R3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

Since when are facts fanboyish?

Kotaku always shines negative light on Sony, it's nothing new.
They just constantly show their bias; this time by saying Sony doesn't even have online services. WTF is up with that BS?
Kotaku are a bunch of azzholes.

BeaArthur3860d ago

TTSUP3R...I'm not talking about the validity of the article I am talking about the comment on this site. I'm honestly not familiar with Kotaku and you could very well be correct, but Steve Jobs comments belong in the open zone, that is all I was saying. My comment had nothing to do with the article itself.

Monchichi0253860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

I LOVE Hannah Montana in HD!!!! LOL Leave her out of this!

Adamalicious3860d ago

while you may find his comments "fanboyish" - your comments are totally OFF-TOPIC. I'm pretty sure there IS a report as Off-Topic option, while there still ISN'T a report as Fanboyish option.

If people's comments bug you just report them appropriately and let the mods handle it.

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JadeTyrant3860d ago

the same can be said about you xboys with Microsoft. they bent you over and shoved a RROD up your ass, the road goes both ways. And you all still have kneepads on for Microsoft.

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