Battlefield 4 Xbox One Multiplayer Preview

DICE developer Thomas Andersson breaks down the multiplayer experience in Battlefield 4 on Xbox One in this exclusive interview.

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richierich1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Isnt that PC footage I noticed 3:59 the it says press E key for elevator instead of the Xbox One controller button equivalent

P0werVR1774d ago

Well obviously they used PC version gameplay. I understand that you took this to be directly ported from where they did that interview at. But I doubt their access was as exclusive.

malokevi1774d ago

The interview regards XB1, hence the title. Who cares where the footage comes from? Or are we going to start entertaining utterly ridiculous "8 days till launch" conspiracy theories?

Ah, why bother asking, this is n4g... of course that's what we're doing!

MS is probably planning to pass off BF1942 as BF4, thus ushering in the downfall of America and it's capitalist allies. I have foreseen it!

trancefreak1774d ago

If you are buying an xbox launch console, I would want to see what I am going to be gaming on. I would like to see the game that goes into the Xbox one running on the screen. I do not want to see the PC version I want the Xbox version.

I have the PC version personally and a GTX 680 handles the game just fine in 1080p. I also have a 4770k which isn't.

Kinda tired of the PC show boating & showcasing of multi plat games but what should be displayed is the Xbox variant.

malokevi1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

If you are (which it appears you are NOT) then you would know that there is plenty of footage out there if you care to go looking for it!

I would say you're making a mountain out of a molehill, but I've gotta give more credit to molehills. Maybe you're making a molehill out of... nothing?


trancefreak1774d ago

malokevi Here is the title in case you missed it.

"Battlefield 4 Xbox One Multiplayer Preview"

Emphasis on Xbox and Xbox game play

Im not here to go searching, it should be the contained article.

Make sense? Post Xbox one game play in which in turn is PC footage. I have not seen any xbox footage. But what I have seen is Pc footage claiming to be MS footage.

Thanks for your irrelevant post; now move along.

malokevi1774d ago

And here's the description:

"DICE developer Thomas Andersson breaks down the multiplayer experience in Battlefield 4 on Xbox One in this exclusive interview. "

See that big button that says "read the full interview" at the top?

Notice how in the article description, it's clearly labelled as an "interview"?

Notice how the interview is the important part?

It's much easier to capture footage on the PC. Not to mention that the PC version has already been released.

I don't care to argue with yah, buddy. I really don't. This is a non-issue. The Xbox footage is out there. The game drops in 8 days. So what, gamerhub cut some corners? Why do you care so much?

Don't answer, those are rhetorical questions. I know the answers, it's just perplexing is all.

jagiii1776d ago

This is PC footage, but it's basically the same thing.

LordDhampire1774d ago

lol how so, that they both run on electricity?

Thats about where the similaritys stop

Godhimself_In_3d1774d ago

A week before launch an there still showing pc footage smh. I dont know

yarbie10001774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

And the official Playstation channel uploaded PC footage also this week. Doesn't mean anything - they are promo reels released by the publishers.

Godhimself_In_3d1774d ago

Wow what a little insecure fanboy we have here lol. Oh playstation did it too im telling. Even went and gave me a link to prove him self lmao. Calm down happy feet im getting both systems day one I dont care which system is better I'll have both. Only broke people care face it there most likely only getting one. Real gamers like me love options. But more to the point I was actually talking about EA Dice I haven't been seeing anything about console battlefield since the silly resolutiongate. Since the embargo was lifted I've seen every game except console battlefield and im getting worried thats all.

Ps Take that xbox skirt off I can see your thong

Sci0n1774d ago

LOL! a week before launch and they are showing PC footage! how can anyone future X1 buyer be comfortable with making there purchase after seeing stuff like this? especially if they actually care about resolution and games more then anything else.

Grunt03111774d ago

The had an hour long USA vs Europe on Xbox One live stream. If you get out your N4G bubble you can get more information of the console you are never getting.

stuna11774d ago

People know that Microsoft are stringing them along, but they have to keep hope alive somehow! Just look at how they attacked anything Sony related, because they didn't want to feel like they were alone in their struggles. NDA's after NDA's has been Microsoft's response to everything, but the second there's a trickle of something positive notice how the whole atmosphere changes! Then it's naa naa na look what we got, and how that bit of positive news is going to miraculously win Microsoft the console war.

boribori8311774d ago

Sony drones nit picking cuz the launch sukd lol