Call of Duty: Ghosts in 1080p - PS4 vs. Xbox One Discussion

Does PS4's 1080p resolution make a difference? IGN discusses the noticeable enhancements.

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majiebeast1710d ago

What i got out of this, its a rushed game and you should pick up BF4 or Killzone SF for launch shooter.

Kleptic1710d ago


I do find it pretty funny how this is being played off, though...

current gen: Remember GTAIV? The 360 had a 40 horizontal line bump to native res...and the internet collapsed...while IGN specifically gave the ps3 version the nod, the rest of the gaming media had a field day with it...

next gen: The PS4 is pushing more pixels across multiple games; this example being a full 50% increase in pixel count vs. its main competitor...and...its 'no big deal'...

because gaming journalism...

sincitysir11710d ago

My advise: skip it

Ps4 gamers buy killzone. At least they have heart

Xbox gamers but bf4 to scratch that itch til titanfall

mistertwoturbo1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Yup it's sickening how they don't "notice any difference", yet when the 360 version was 5% better than the PS3, the whole entire world ended.


People with a PS4 should buy this instead

BigShotSmoov0071710d ago

I agree completely with sincity.....Clearly it's a rushed game to maximize it's profits for the next gen crowd. It's not a good game at all, it's average at best. I love FPS and I'm getting an XBO so I'm getting BF4 for the FPS next gen experience. PS4 buyers should do the same along with Killzone or just buy one of them but don't sell yourself short by buying a rushed copy of COD just because it's a COD game. Don't waste your money.

scott1821710d ago

Wow, this is the first time that I really thought it looked much better on PS4. Everything about it looks a step up on the PS4 version for sure.

FamilyGuy1710d ago

720p to 1080p is 125% difference, not "50%", lol.
And somehow it "doesn't matter" anymore.

Eh, Cod Ghost isn't some visual masterpiece anyway.

cyclindk1710d ago

Yeah, read FAMILY GUY's comment.

It IS 100 % increase in native resolution, not 50 percent.

720 = like a milliion pixels

1080 = little over two million.

It really is kinda staggering when one really looks at the numbers, but admittedly, we won't notice REAL significant visual differences on multiplats until devs leverage the PS4's extra performance for things apart from resolution, i.e. character and object models, draw distances, shading/lighting, et cetera.

SmokexFFx1709d ago

Am I crazy or is the Xbox One's field of view more zoomed in?

Kleptic1709d ago

^oops...forgot this was cod, thought it was bf4...

PS4 bf4 is 900/60fps...

Xbox one is 720/60fps...

that is where my '50%' was coming from...

yeah, ghosts is literally double the pixels per frame...but, imo at least, still looking underwhelming on all levels...I just can't believe they couldn't get a game like ghosts to run at a higher res on the xbox one..........

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LakerGamerEnthusiast1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I'm picking up both of those shooters for my FPS fix. But I managed to get this game for free with that amazon promo code they have so it certainly doesn't hurt to get it for free.

Nonetheless, I see myself playing kill zone and battlefield much more because those games just look amazing. COD will be for the occasional friend that gets on and wants me to play with him.

cyclindk1710d ago

Same here, freebie, wish I coulda used it on Watchdogs or one of my other games, but only thing left was Knack (which is okay, just not my cup of tea). So I decided CoD is doable if it's free!

I wouldn't pay money for this game, so thank Amazon!

Kayant1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

The thing that's weird here is that Ghosts is a mess on PC with framerate drops & graphical settings that don't really add anything when switched on. Yet XB1 is the only next-gen platform that seems to have no problems apart from a lower res which doesn't affect it that much because COD looks about the same on all platforms. This to me shows the XB1 got the most optimization out of the next-gen platforms.

In contrast you have a far more demanding/graphical game like BF4 that looks great/runs well on all next-gen platforms with the PS4 having a higher res & more stable framerate on consoles.

IW has obviously done a bad job at optimization here than Dice has seen from BF4 taking advantage of the touchpad & kinect.

Is the difference between the two much to a break a leg over IMO NO but like Scott lowe said if the res is that much of a deal in COD then go for the PS4 version if you have both consoles.

MasterCornholio1710d ago

"This to me shows the XB1 got the most optimization out of the next-gen platforms. "

Is that Microsoft's doing?

Nexus 7 2013

Kayant1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I don't think so tbh but that's not for me to say.

It's just something I observed personally. Looking at PC BF4 mind up it's not prefect either it also bugs & crashes but when it runs it runs well compared to COD where it has framerate drops even on something like a titan from just zooming in then you do something is wrong. Ghosts not only has fake spec limitations & it also only runs only 4fps faster then BF4 on a titan and we know BF4 has a lot more going on (Destructibility & vehicles) & is 5X+ more prettier :p. Also reports of even the UI being laggy.

jjb19811710d ago

I agree. I've had the last two COD games on Xbox but this time since it seems like they play the same and I'll have both systems I'm going to choose the ps4 version because of the 1080p resolution.

Mr Pumblechook1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

IGN say "Looking at them side by side the difference is noticeable... but the PS4 version looks discernibly more detailed then the Xbox One. You'll notice sharper edges, weapons and character models as a result of the higher resolution."

So IGN say yes PS4 version is superior but it won't matter if you have an Xbox One you will still enjoy the game and won't feel like you are missing anything it's also much improved over 360 version.

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sigfredod1710d ago

Fast kill those jaggies

kiz26941710d ago

I dont want to sound ironic but, why has the xbox one version have a GREEN tint to it?

AnthonyJrWTF1710d ago

It doesn't look color balanced. You can see by the blood looking magenta towards the end. Lack of blues. Possibly the recorder not being calibrated.

Sci0n1710d ago

they are using a specific color pallet to try to hide the inferiority of the resolution. They also took out details and crushed the blacks. Nice tricks to fool untrained eyes and keep the ridiculous 720p 1080p has no difference arguments going on.

Zynga1710d ago

I'm gonna be honest here but I don't see a difference at all in resolution. Just that the xbox one is jaggy and has that green tone look.

cyhm31121710d ago

ign is biased, it is pro-xbox

_FantasmA_1710d ago

I hate IGN. They are definitely pro IGN as whole, but you can see that some of their employees favor Sony. I just think that they are in the minority and can't dictate the main page articles. It always seems like theres more Ex Box content on their.

bjmartynhak1710d ago


But yeah, this is one of the greatest impacts of the resolution difference. The jaggies are more visible, specially from distant objects.

u got owned1710d ago

I see a lot of jaggies on all versions. Not only Xbone version.

Sci0n1710d ago

The green tint is off and out of place and wasn't designed by devs to be in the game. Its a bandaid to try to mask and cover up detail lost.

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SlavisH21710d ago

lol both look the same.

isa_scout1710d ago

lol... How can you say that or did you not watch the video? Not being a jackass or anything I'm just wondering how you couldn't see it. It's almost like someone filmed it with a muddy lense. It's especially noticable during the swimming and the night jungle level.
It's not a knock on the XOne version either. I truely believe this comes down to IWs inability to properly optimize the game for any of the next-gen systems.
Given the fact that it doesn't run smoothly on the PC I'd say thats the safest assumption.Seeing as the PC should be the easiest platform to optimize for I think IW just dosn't give a shit anymore.
Time for COD to die anyway, and it should've happened about 2 or 3 games ago. I'm really thinking that Destiny will be the next franchise to take the crown. God I hope Acti doesn't screw with Bungie, and let's them realize their vision instead of saying, "We need it now, and then next year you need to make another one, and another." Screw you Activision!!!

SlavisH21710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

i could care less what you are trying to look for. If i put that video infront of any normal person they would say they are the same. Im not looking through some magnifying glass just to see some edges on one imo. Contrast can be adjust via tv settings. Both versions look great for a cod game. Still not buying this crap.

Rattlehead201710d ago

Luckily, Bungie aren't owned by Activision, and with their status as game developers, I really doubt they'd allow themselves to be fucked with.

SlavisH21709d ago

Call of Duty: Ghosts SP is 720p, MP is 1080p on PlayStation 4

wait soo whats the difference again? LMAO

isa_scout1709d ago

Holy shit dude it must've really been bothering you what I said huh??? Take a chill pill, and enjoy you MP at 720p because I'll be enjoying it in native
Oh and it still doesn't change the fact that in IGNs video the PS4 clearly has the edge.The butthurt is strong in you ;)

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