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MGO still not working for some people

Some people are still getting an error while trying to access the beta

Error (090B:00000001) (MGO, PS3)

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sonarus  +   2348d ago
Well its working for me:P.

Well sucks for those guys. Maybe their codes aren't legit but i say give it more time.
riqued  +   2348d ago
My code is legit, but its not working =(
sonarus  +   2348d ago
Like its not connecting at all like you can't even get to character creation screen?

Actually i was getting that error yesterday. Just give it more time it will probably work meanwhile found this on the boards

(0901:FFFFFFE0) - Servers are completely down
(090B:00000001) - Servers are Idle, but not available to you
(0903:FFFFFF60) - Theres a network error on your end, such as an unopened port
(090B:00000002) - Network error on your end, try cycling your router
(0692:00000003) - Server overload, keep trying to login and you can get passed it
(2007:FFFFFF9D) - Connection Error, tends to happen when you try getting passed character creation, caused from server overload
(0911:00000003) - Either Server busy or something on the users side
(0911:FFFFFFE0) - Something to do with you being on the wrong server possibly?
(0846:000000004) - Your game ID is locked due to more than 3 login attempts
(090F:FFFFFF60) - Your connection doesn't meet the requirements to create a game
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riqued  +   2348d ago
Not connecting at all, this is my error: (090B:00000001)

Hopefully they will fix it today
mithril  +   2348d ago
@sonarus , i look your profile and you are in north america ?
Beta is only for euro peoples i think ?

the beta server accept only Euro IP
Skerj  +   2348d ago
I'm playing as well and I'm in NA.
primordialmeme  +   2348d ago
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gamesR4fun  +   2348d ago
their not missing much
Game sucks tiny brown drab levels overly twisted controls useless crap like be a box autoaim. Only the most hardcore msg fan will get through... Myself I'm canceling my preorder might rent it but a 9/h game aint worth 60$ and this onlines not something ill ever get into. Heh Conterstrike had way better levels and is still 100X more fun...

Highly recommend saving your hard earned cash for this
or gta4 :D
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machete squad steve  +   2348d ago
Im playing NA
but man I was hopping it would have been not so buggy. I guess this is why were doing this beta though.
Spinner  +   2348d ago
Are you guys trying to get into that "snake" server, I got DC off that too ... I think 1000 is the max, so join another one.
hazeblaze  +   2348d ago
The server is working just fine for me, and I live in Atlanta! Maybe some of you got Jap or EU beta codes and that's why it's not working??? Konami warned that beta codes from other regions would not work I believe.
CViper  +   2348d ago
Aren't you supposed to recreate your id with the new konami server?
riqued  +   2348d ago
I don't think it's even checking the game ID, I tried a fake ID and it gave the same error instead of saying that my password was wrong.
monkey602  +   2348d ago
Its hard to get into the game sometimes. "Due to large amounts of traffic" once you're in one of the lobbies (Snake, Raiden etc..) you can remain there for hours though. I love this game
Sayai jin  +   2348d ago
Not working for me, but I will give it a rest and try later.
Hercules  +   2348d ago
i just need the patch!
i still need the 1.01 patch...can someone PLEASE seed for me
poopsack  +   2348d ago
dude, they're already on 1.02
maggotmx  +   2348d ago
I know i need the first one too need more seeders
niall77  +   2348d ago
works for me
so im happy.
Polluted  +   2348d ago
I've been wanting to ask someone who played it. How does that box work? I mean If I was wandering around and I saw a box sitting there in the middle of the level I'd fill it full of holes. Does your character dissappear when he's under it?
hazeblaze  +   2348d ago
The fields have a few empty boxes strewn about them... so everytime you see a box it's not a real person. So if action is hectic, it's easy to ignore a box.
heyheyhey  +   2348d ago

im having problems with my PS3 online

it just stopped logging in for some reason

so i cant even download the damn beta, and i really wanna play it
Ri0tSquad  +   2348d ago
I'm getting this error
as well. I hope Konami resolves it ASAP.
aiphanes  +   2348d ago
U have to be in North America, or Europe or Japan
To play this beta. Your IP has to be in a IP in those regions. If your IP is not in those regions above you will get the error that is posted in this article...
poopsack  +   2348d ago
not true, my ps3 is North American, so is my beta key, my beta download, my account, my ip and my presence. And I get the error posted in this article.
Expy  +   2348d ago
Working for me.
bigcheda  +   2348d ago
wonder what the issues are? works for me and my roomate...
Jinxstar  +   2348d ago
Works great for me but.... I am not that impressed... Might not be my style though....
Calluk  +   2348d ago
i aint gonna pay for the final version if they dont get this error thing sorted
Jinxstar  +   2348d ago
It's Beta...
slayerized  +   2348d ago
mine is telling me i need an update ver 1.02 please upload it. when i try and download it it takes hrs!!!!!!!!!! is that the only way to do it? should i wait it out or what?
Darkiewonder  +   2348d ago
Konami doesn't know which to play certain people in
a country part of NA gets stuck with Europe beta. which is weird. ;(
poopsack  +   2348d ago
Well I guess I have nothing else to do than say WOW this login screen is so amazing, its everything Ive been waiting for!
akaFullMetal  +   2348d ago
i got in around 1, and it is awesome, at first it took me a while to figure out the controls, but after 20 minutes, i was killing left and right, its really addicting once you know what to do, great game, that is all i have to say
midgard229  +   2348d ago
i played it
dont like it at all, maybe its cuz its a beta, but its to slow, people dont die from my shot guns, my grenades or other guns unless its sniper rifle, and u run way to slow, also game needs better radar....i should probly say that all to konami lol
slayerized  +   2348d ago
evert fkin time i try and download the new ver 1.02 it tells me server error bs anyone else having this prob? what should i try
maggotmx  +   2348d ago
maybe the bit torrent method?
Figboy  +   2348d ago
it was working for me this morning
i'm in North America, and before i went to work, i tested it, and it worked fine. i played for about 10 minutes before i had to go. it was fun, even though i sucked at it, and i was rushing.

hopefully Konami will get the error worked out for you guys that are having trouble.

and to the comments about the people b*tching about the actual gameplay of the game: i bet you all were trying to play it like Halo, or even Resistance.

it's really quite simple: Metal Gear Online is for Metal Gear fans. Metal Gear never has been, and never will be (well, maybe now that Kojima is gone...) a run and gun shooter.

it's tactical, slow paced, and methodical. the key to having a good time in MGO is NOT to go out all half-c*cked, trying to be the hero and get the most kills, but to work with your teammates in unison, outsmarting, and outmaneuvering your enemy.

i played it online when it was packed with MGS3: Subsistance, and i quickly realized that the game just isn't designed like your average run and gun online shooter. it really is, quite literally METAL GEAR online. sure, they tweak it a little, but it's still MGO.

go into it understanding that you are NOT playing Halo. or Resistance, or Call of Duty 4, etc, and you'll be find. communication with your teammates is key. the cool thing about my little 10 minute session this morning is that teammates were constantly talking to each other (via headset, of course), alerting us of their situation, requesting backup, working together.

from my experience with a lot of online games (from Resistance to Warhawk and then some), a lot of people have the "hero complex." they want to be the star of the show, and they want to take all the glory for themselves. in a game like this, it makes the game more frustrating than fun.

not to mention that this is still just a beta, and i'm pretty sure it will be tweaked even more by launch (i was in the Warhawk Beta last year, and they definitely adjusted the game in some small, but useful ways from the Beta to the final release, and the updates we've had so far have significantly changed the game. all in positive ways). just relax, and if you aren't an MGS fan, why the hell did you pre-order it to get the beta? because of hype? hype is bad. ALWAYS. because what's hyped almost never lives up to it's expectations (ie, Halo 3, MGS2, etc. i'm even sure GTAIV won't live up to it's phenomenal hype; doesn't mean it's not going to be an amazing game, just that there are going to be some rather disappointed gamers come April 29th).

i've been burned by the "Hype Demon" in the past (i fell into the hype trap about games like Fable, only to be rudely awakened when the game released. it's a good game, but absolutely NOTHING LIKE what it was hyped to be by Peter Molyneux), and i advise everyone to curb their expectations about what MGO is, and any overly hyped game for that matter.

i expected Metal Gear Online, and that's precisely what i got (and it looks gorgeous on my HDTV, 660p\30fps or not).
m-s-8-2  +   2347d ago
The day the metal gear series becomes run and gun is the day i stop playing them.
Figboy  +   2347d ago
i agree
even when Kojima leaves, i'll still keep an eye out for future releases, after all, the non-Kojima created MGS games aren't too bad (Portable Ops, the second Metal Gear Acid). i think he's left the series in good hands.

if they try to change the series when he's gone (ie, make it an FPS), then i'm done with Metal Gear.

i have a feeling that they'll continue the series via MGO, and just support the online component, since the core narrative is complete.

or, what i fear, they'll just start making up "secret" clones of Big Boss, and try to pass them off as the Snake we know and love...*shudder*

i think i could stomach a brand new character, granted he wasn't a little b*tch like Raiden was in MGS2, and not a Snake wannabe.

i'm cool with games set within the current MGS timeline also.
darkstar  +   2348d ago
I knew deep down inside that the beta was not going to work for me today, but hey! I was wrong, in a good way.
slayerized  +   2348d ago
i tried to download the ver 1.02 peer 2 peer way but it takes ages so i gave up. it was 65 mins in and i was still at 0% should i try different settings on the ports? can anyone help?
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2348d ago
its working fine here for me...

the graphics can be better than this...
RealTimeWeaponChange  +   2348d ago

lag b3yond
machete squad steve  +   2348d ago
Good you finally have
one bubble
Qbanboi  +   2348d ago
XD I'm playing right now. IT ROOOCKS.
cr33ping_death  +   2348d ago
im in :) la la la la la :) jk it must sucks for those who cant get in
WeZz  +   2348d ago
I can't seem to finish a single match online! I keep getting disconnected from the server.Really annoying.I thought my connection was the problem but I've tried COD4 and its working fine lag free. Anyone experiencing the same problems?
Denges  +   2348d ago
it works for me im in australia!!! wooooo best fun
RecSpec  +   2348d ago
Haha, to all of the people saying OMG THIS SUCKS!!111!! That is what MGO is, if you wanted run and gun action, go back to COD.
moujahed  +   2348d ago
I thought the same also
at 11am today I tried, and thought it was still down, but make sure you read the message.

Mines said something about my game ID being invalid. Go back to id.konami.net and make sure you set a different password for your "Game ID" then it will work. Atleast it did for me...

I already have over 5hours of match play. This game is so sweet!!
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