MGO still not working for some people

Some people are still getting an error while trying to access the beta

Error (090B:00000001)

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sonarus3858d ago

Well its working for me:P.

Well sucks for those guys. Maybe their codes aren't legit but i say give it more time.

riqued3858d ago

My code is legit, but its not working =(

sonarus3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Like its not connecting at all like you can't even get to character creation screen?

Actually i was getting that error yesterday. Just give it more time it will probably work meanwhile found this on the boards

(0901:FFFFFFE0) - Servers are completely down
(090B:00000001) - Servers are Idle, but not available to you
(0903:FFFFFF60) - Theres a network error on your end, such as an unopened port
(090B:00000002) - Network error on your end, try cycling your router
(0692:00000003) - Server overload, keep trying to login and you can get passed it
(2007:FFFFFF9D) - Connection Error, tends to happen when you try getting passed character creation, caused from server overload
(0911:00000003) - Either Server busy or something on the users side
(0911:FFFFFFE0) - Something to do with you being on the wrong server possibly?
(0846:000000004) - Your game ID is locked due to more than 3 login attempts
(090F:FFFFFF60) - Your connection doesn't meet the requirements to create a game

riqued3858d ago

Not connecting at all, this is my error: (090B:00000001)

Hopefully they will fix it today

mithril3858d ago

@sonarus , i look your profile and you are in north america ?
Beta is only for euro peoples i think ?

the beta server accept only Euro IP

Skerj3858d ago

I'm playing as well and I'm in NA.

primordialmeme3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )


gamesR4fun3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Game sucks tiny brown drab levels overly twisted controls useless crap like be a box autoaim. Only the most hardcore msg fan will get through... Myself I'm canceling my preorder might rent it but a 9/h game aint worth 60$ and this onlines not something ill ever get into. Heh Conterstrike had way better levels and is still 100X more fun...

Highly recommend saving your hard earned cash for this
or gta4 :D

machete squad steve3858d ago

but man I was hopping it would have been not so buggy. I guess this is why were doing this beta though.

Spinner3858d ago

Are you guys trying to get into that "snake" server, I got DC off that too ... I think 1000 is the max, so join another one.

hazeblaze3858d ago

The server is working just fine for me, and I live in Atlanta! Maybe some of you got Jap or EU beta codes and that's why it's not working??? Konami warned that beta codes from other regions would not work I believe.

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CViper3858d ago

Aren't you supposed to recreate your id with the new konami server?

riqued3858d ago

I don't think it's even checking the game ID, I tried a fake ID and it gave the same error instead of saying that my password was wrong.

monkey6023858d ago

Its hard to get into the game sometimes. "Due to large amounts of traffic" once you're in one of the lobbies (Snake, Raiden etc..) you can remain there for hours though. I love this game

Sayai jin3858d ago

Not working for me, but I will give it a rest and try later.

Hercules3858d ago

i still need the 1.01 patch...can someone PLEASE seed for me

poopsack3858d ago

dude, they're already on 1.02

maggotmx3858d ago

I know i need the first one too need more seeders

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