GotGame: Preview | Forza 5 Looks and Plays Incredible

GotGame: Forza 5 looks absolutely stunning, so much so that it even makes Forza 4 look old by comparison, which is a pretty challenging feat.

Vistas looked spectacular, with so much detail presented on screen, from the gravel on the road, to the textures of buildings, fences and of course the uber-realistic look of each car.

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creeping judas1737d ago

Can't wait to play this! November 22nd can't come fast enough.

mcstorm1737d ago

I agree can't wait to get my Xbox one and play Forza 5 all day with a break in the middle for a bit of ki.

EasilyTheBest1737d ago

I need to know what Kinect features are in Forza 5.
Just wondering if the head tracking is in the game like on Forza 4.
I loved that feature, plus walking around the cars was great.
Does anyone know?

Elit3Nick1736d ago

I would be really surprised if they took that out, but not hearing anything about it worries me a bit.

Ramon3MR1736d ago

For AutoVista mode, there is.

skoorydook1737d ago

This is the game that made picking the PS4 up 1st hardest.

Boody-Bandit1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

That's ironic because this is the game that made me choose to take a wait and see approach with the X1.

I'm a Forza fanatic (check my profile) but this game literally has half the content Forza 4 had. Definitely a pretty game and silky smooth frame rates but I can't do without my Nurburgring. The tracks in F5 are to scale now and I was dying to play Nurburgring in F5. I can't believe it didn't make the cut but the Top Gear test track did. SMH

iistuii1736d ago

The ring may arrive as DLC content at later date, wouldn't surprise me.

Boody-Bandit1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Rumor has it Nurburgring (just read it on the Forza forums) will be one of the 1st DLC tracks. By then I'm hoping Thrustmaster will have their pedals and shifter ready for the TX wheel. Maybe then I will join the fray. I need a stand alone shifter and clutch pedal. Anything less wont due.

Nartzee-Ninja1737d ago

Yes head tracking is in and autovista,but thats it I think. I've been Xbox less for 4 months now, so next Friday will be a very happy day spent with Forza,Ryse and Dead Rising. Can't wait.

Ramon3MR1736d ago

I seriously couldn't stop staring at the game during the demo. Almost forgot to play lol.