A world of manga with Namco Bandai Games

The meeting with Namco Bandai Games is one of those that you do not forget, especially lovers of the rising sun. We were invited to the hotel Melia Milano to test a line up of titles with the subject the best anime series, manga and jrpg in circulation, the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant, even on the sparkling personality of the speakers, prominent members of the respective software house. There were cosplayers, as a result I will have to reiterate and, in general, a cure for what was not a flat presentation, but a nice meeting place for enthusiasts. As well as, of course, a glimpse into the immediate future of the gaming company, with the best outputs to act as protagonists. This event was followed on 24 October GamesWeek our presence at the fair in Milan, where even non-experts were able to enjoy the evolution of Goku, Seiya and his companions ...

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