The Top 10 WTF Games of All Time

Videogames come in all shapes and sizes. It takes a fair bit of time, effort and money to get a game published, and standards these days are pretty high. Looking to the past though, many, things used to slip through the net. Things that just left you sitting there wondering what in the name of all that’s holy you were even looking at right now. Some of them were terrible, others amazing for being so terrible. Here’s our top 10 list of the ones most capable of eliciting one almighty WTF??

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SpiralTear1778d ago

This list would be completely invalid if LSD wasn't on it. Thanks for not disappointing me, Ultimate Gamer. :)

gillri1778d ago

they forgot Seaman on Dreamcast!

TheUltimateGamer1778d ago

It was on the list... We had to narrow it down a bit. Initially, we were looking at upwards of 25 games... There are some ODD games out there LOL

rammstein911778d ago

for more absurd games check cr1tical's channel on youtube

The_Ozymandias1778d ago

No Postal 2?

Bullshit list.

Fatty1778d ago

I want to be a Toilet Tycoon.

TheUltimateGamer1778d ago

I don't know... Sounds like a pretty crappy job to me.

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