How Sony May Sit On The Gaming Throne With The Playstation 4

The next console war is just about to hit the world, but many gamers out there think that the war has already been won before it has actually started with Sony as the victors.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141771d ago

Crazy how things can change at the start of each gen.It's like a blank slate every time.

Wii U fizzed out and is essentially treading water until it eventually drowns.Xbox will live it's entire lifespan a distant 2nd for the next decade, along with having few exclusives due to smaller userbase and noticeably inferior multiplats.

PS4 will usher in a new golden age of console gaming not seen since, well, Sony dominated with the PS2.

Good times are coming, my friends.

wild101gab1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Remember we play games, not consoles. Gaming the past 8 years has been good too. It doesn't matter what you're playing on. Just enjoy it!

C-H-E-F1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Technically those games are on consoles, in order to play those games you must first own a console and i'd rather get the BEST out of the games I play. Why pay 100$ more for a console and the same price (60$) for a game when it is inferior to a cheaper console and the game is the same price (60$) on that same cheaper console? You can say it's all about the games, but if that's the case then the console to get is obvious as well.

ThePope1771d ago

Its funny I read, and comment on many threads, and I can't shake the feeling the PS4 fanboys, which you clearly are, are nervous or scared about something. I've not seen this level of over-compensation in gaming. Usher in a golden age? The system isn't even out yet!!!! And what's super funny is that so many people said the same about the PS3. Bring on the down votes!!!

ThatCanadianGuy5141771d ago

Oh really? the many threads since you joined 10 mins ago?

The amount of troll accounts you guys go through is staggering.

wynams1771d ago

what are you nervous or scared of pope? I mean, if the PS4 doesn't interest you why are you even reading this article?

C-H-E-F1771d ago

You do realize that the PS4 is the highest preordered console in the history of Sony Consoles? With that being said it's higher than the PS2 and the PS2 sold north of 140million consoles in it's life time. You say "Ps4 fanboys" are nervous yet you're coming here to state what? How hurt you are because even if you "over-compensate" for the XOX you will still be under-compensating when it comes to a ps4/xox comparison. Also, the PS3 gladly took 2nd place last gen, which is great seeing that it sold at a higher price point, and was a year behind in sales. Not only have you earned a disagree but you earned a -1bub for trolling sir. You're welcome :D.

ThePope1771d ago

@thatcanadianguy Just cause I joined here 10 min ago doesn't mean I don't post on other sites. And trolls!?!? You used the words "golden age"!!! Sounds like you got a little small man syndrome to me.

ThePope1771d ago

@chef It tied for second place. And outside of what Naughty dog brought to the table it offered the least compelling experience. I bought the Move, and sold it recently to Game Stop for $2 And a charge cord for $5. And if it took second as you claim, why did Multi plats sell 2 to 1 xbox over PS3? Your welcome

FamilyGuy1770d ago

Xbox 360 has a much lower number of noteworthy exclusives so the ones that do come out sell better, the PS3 has a much higher number, in a larger variety of genres so sales are spread out more.

Saying it "tied" as far as console sales go isn't true either. MSs been on the market a full year longer than PS3, therefore PS3 sold at a faster rate to begin with. Beyond that the 360 had a massive number of hardware failures so simply saying that they both are at 80 million isn't true either when a couple million 360s died in the first 2/3 years. That billion dollars spent on warranties didn't just pop up outta thin air you know?

"And what's super funny is that so many people said the same about the PS3"

Clearly you weren't playing attention at the start of this gen as Sony was getting bashed left, right and center at the start. People weren't saying anything like this (the positivity) about the PS3. There were complaints about the games, the difficult development, the price, them including blu ray, the low speed of console production, the online aspects, the "multimedia device" message.

You've been no where and seen nothing. I've been on this site, among others, for over 7 years.

wild101gab1770d ago

I think all the disagrees you are getting are actually further proving your point. It is really sad that these people on this site have let consumerism take such control of them. When it comes down to it. These are fucking products, nothing more and nothing less. Like I've already said in this thread, people here (and on this site especially) need to shut up and just play their games. (Anyone who clicks disagree, is part of the problem)

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HurstDarkStar1771d ago

I've never witness a generation that was won before it even started, this is pretty entertaining times we live in.

Jaqen_Hghar1771d ago

there's also never been an E3 quite so devastating before a console launch. Even 2006 didn't compare to those Sony shots that were being fired.

HurstDarkStar1771d ago

you telling me? I didn't believe for one second MS was gonna shoot themselves in the foot this bad. It's like the saw that they were using a pea shooter and just said "F it bring out the RPG's!!!"

Jaqen_Hghar1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

What RPGs? A man only sees Elder Scrolls online and that's on both *troll face*

Jaqen_Hghar1771d ago

When you play the game of thrones you win or you die...hopefully under warranty

SlyFamous021771d ago

LOL! Sony has been sitting on the console thrown for almost two decades.

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