Biohazard 0 debut trailer for WII

Here is the debut trailer for Biohazard zero coming out on the Wii

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forum_crawler3769d ago

I hope this game is as good as RE4. That game was a lot of fun to play since I had never played it before.

They should do RE2, that was the first RE game I ever played and it would be neat to see that game on the wii, with these graphics. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

heyheyhey3769d ago

whats up with calling it Biohazard?

are most of us Japanese? no, so call it Resident Evil so people dont get confused

besides, Resi sounds so much better than "Biohazard"

Kens3769d ago

Biohazard is the Japanese name for Resident Evil. That shows that it's still in development and when developed in America and Europe it will be renamed to Resident Evil.

Edit: Typo

heyheyhey3769d ago

yeah i know

thats why i said "are most of us Japanese"

Resident Evil is a much more recognizable name

ChickeyCantor3768d ago

its japan only this remake

Kens3769d ago

Too bad it's only for the Wii. =(

ItisI3769d ago

Your getting RE 5. Boy you guys want all the games on your consoles. Let the Wii have its games too.

Kens3769d ago

Doesn't that game go before Resident Evil 1?

I wanna know the story! =(

nirwanda3769d ago

pick up a cheap gamecube and a copy of this for next to nothing it identical to the original.

MADGameR3769d ago

They should just stick to kiddish games since thats what MOST Wii games are?

ChickeyCantor3768d ago


you call it a kiddie system because you think all games are kiddie, and they are all kiddie because you think they should be kiddie.....YEAH! I GOT YA!

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kingme713769d ago

Looked pretty darn good especially for Wii. Is 7/10 the release date for just Japan? Surprised I haven't heard of it before.

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The story is too old to be commented.