Sony Was "Caught off Guard" by Reaction to PS4 MP3/DLNA Exclusion, Was Focusing on Gaming Features

Many were surprised by the fact that Sony decided not to include MP3 and DLNA support in the PS4, but apparently Sony was even more surprised, caught off guard by an unexpectedly strong reaction from the customer base, as SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida explained today.

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majiebeast1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Loved how Yosp said "They all think its our evil plan to make people get a Music Unlimited subscription"

Well this gives me hope that the feature returns in an early update. They probably really just focused on the gaming aspect of the system while media became distant second.

5eriously1777d ago

Exactly what everyone should be doing! Games first and then later in updates, all the extra functionality can be added, just like was the case with the PS3!

Mikelarry1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Spot on, imagine if the ps4 did streaming mp3/ movies better than GAMING what the console primary use should be can you imagine the memes that would have exploded on the internet. i do understand some users use this functionality daily and now we have some proof that sony are working on a solution to add this.

ThunderSpark1777d ago

Like someone mentioned below: 1080p > mp3

AngelicIceDiamond1777d ago

I don't understand why people are so vocal about every little thing about these consoles.

I'm sure most people who by the PS4 won't even notice the small lacking features anyway.

I_am_Batman1777d ago

It's not like the inclusion of an mp3 codec takes so much time though. I agree that it's not a big deal if it comes with an early update but it's still a misstep even though it's not a dealbreaker. I'm more disappointed that I won't be able to play my CDs with the PS4 personally. Unfortunately they didn't say if it's even possible to patch that function in.

UltimateMaster1777d ago

Normally, you add functions, you don't remove them.

bonafide7321777d ago

anyone remember how bare bones the ps3 was on day one?
Boy did it come a long way.
That gives me hope

JamieL1777d ago

@ AngelicIceDiamond
Don't you mean "I don't understand why people are so vocal about every little thing about the PS4."? I don't think you really care what anyone says about the XB1, seeing as you're so quick to join in on that, but PS4 criticism just confounds you and so many others.

inveni01777d ago

I'm hanging onto both of my PS3s until PS4 can do the same things. I use DLNA all of the time and was bummed to hear PS4 was gimped.

QuickdrawMcgraw1777d ago

It should not be a huge deal having the PS4 MP3,DLNA ready.I have copied all my music to my PS3,and run my PS3 through my Bose.Works great for a party with the space back ground.Might not have mattered to some but to me I would think the PS4 would do all the PS3 could and more.I wonder if this was MS saying we weren't trying to pull a fast one and get you to order our music if people would be so nonchalant.

BBBirdistheWord1777d ago

@ bonafide

"Änyone remember how bare bones the ps3 was on day one?"

Lol was that a joke?

On day one the ps3 had the actual hardware of a ps2 inside. It also had a linux operating system.

Those were some MAJOR features.
They were removed.

minimur121777d ago

To be honest I'm quite surprised they were caught off guard by this, I use it to watch films quite a bit, I sometimes bring it into work to watch a film on - for the time eing I'm going to carry on bringing my ps3 in to watch films on, I've got no choice lol and probably 80% of ps3 owners have use/used it for either A) Watch a movie B) put music on it to listen to

I_am_Batman1777d ago

@BBBirdistheWord: The european day one version didn't have the PS2 chip. But it had a pretty decent soft BC. And no PS3 had Linux pre installed. You just had the possibility to install an additional OS. I had Yellow Dog Linux and to be honest it was barely useful. It was very slow. Sony removed the function cause people started installing custom firmware using it to pirate games.

nukeitall1777d ago

Makes you wonder what Sony is doing if MP3 support is a big deal?

You know the sort of thing that is standard in almost every device, including my trusty old DVD player.

Sony sure had time to add Music Unlimited though in all its glory!

bigrob9041777d ago

honestly, i don't have any music on my ps3. on my fat ps4 i had about 400 songs, then it stopped working so i got a slim. i haven't put any on my slim as i really see know reason to do so. i can just plug my mp3 into it and listen if i want instead of taking up HD space.

pixelsword1777d ago

It's the games, stupid.

(alteration of a quote)

strifeblade1777d ago

Focusing on gaming?
Last i checked sony first party studios delayed drive club and have knack, resogun and killzone for launch? lol

Talk about damage control. Msoft has more games more features and more media support than ps4. What gaming is yoshida talking about? lol

solid_snake36561777d ago

@strifeblade more isn't always better. Forza is the only one worth playing. The console race isn't a 100m dash its a long distance marathon. Sony doesn't throw all its cards on the table at once. Look at the exclusives Sony has lined up for its first year.

webeblazing1777d ago

I be funny if he said "My badd, we just completely forgot about it, we was to busy playing the last of us and lost track of time."

nmeyers1777d ago

I think it is good that we said something, they knew at least from this experience that the mp3 feature is used and liked by the users. Awesome that they listen and respond so quickly as well!

dvewlsh1777d ago

I don't understand the idea that the people who work on the software side of the console working on including features means that there is 'no focus on games.'

Such a weird, internet-centric talking point.

shadyiswin1777d ago

yet they only have knack and killzone ready for games games......

my thoughts.


ChrisW1777d ago

"Sony Was "Caught off Guard" by Reaction to PS4 MP3/DLNA Exclusion"

Why and how is this news?!? I seriously doubt they were caught off guard because of 'concentrating on games.'

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Deividas1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

"They probably really just focused on the gaming aspect of the system while media became distant second"

Which really isnt the worst thing. Not ideal but not horrible. Updates can easily fix this stuff. Better than focusing on TV over gaming imo.

kneon1777d ago

Yup, this is just a software update away. As long as the hardware design is good these kinds of features are easily added later. But get the hardware wrong and you're screwed, you can't download hardware updates ;)

theXtReMe11777d ago

I agree. I'm sure during development of the system hardware they threw it around, but thought to themselves just how many people actually use the feature. Is it a priority? Obviously, they found out postmortem that it was. Nothing that can't be fixed very easily with a system update. I don't know why people get so upset about something so simple. With six lines of code, the system will be able to play MP3s.

AgitatedOcelot1777d ago

I think these features will be patched in within 6 months, nothing to worry about and no evil plans. I wish they would add .mkv support too, but honestly there isn't much point. Cinavia is going to be built in and that shit's insidious if you're a pirate unfortunately.

But that's what XBMC is for mateys!

Blaze9291777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

lol was focusing all on the games? Lmfao oh COME ON! This guy is so perfectly PR trained it's getting ridiculous how much Sony has been riding that "all about the games" wave since E3. They literally have not had to do much to anything since E3 because of how bad MS messed up.

"the focus has always been on game features...We didn’t really think about MP3 or DLNA. We thought “we’re gonna do that eventually… We’ve been doing it with all the products.” So it caught us off guard.


"Thanks for the feedback to the lack of MP3 and DLNA support at the launch of PS4. I'll share with the PS4 Dev team for future consideration"

..."for future consideration"..."co nsideration"

..."We thought “we’re gonna do that eventually"

This guy is straight LYING through his teeth. If it was something they were going to do eventually, as he said, why did he say that it would be future "consideration" - as if they never, NEVER, planned to have that supported in PS4.

Consider /=/ planned

"It’s not like we actively decided “Yeah, let’s not do this feature so that people will subscribe to Music Unlimited…” It’s not like that."

No Yoshida, it's completely like that. The real question now is how long will this patch take? 6 months? To add simple Mp3 support? How many lines of coding is that, like 10? 20? It just doesn't add up.

Mr_Writer851777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Lying or not they are getting what they want.

Regardless people will feel like they have won.

Plus he might mean bringing it earlier rather than later.

theBAWSE1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

@blaze your here writing a big old paragraph about mp3 support... MP3!!!!

whilst Microsoft tried to rape you with DRM, lied about GAMING resolution and lied about the DRM features which bricked the dudes console who got it early...

where was your passion then? yet your passionate about minor mp3 on a console you ain't getting?

your so pent up at how bad xbone has been received whilst nothing bad has been said about ps4,now it hasn't got mp3 support (at present) you've opened your flood gates like it's the biggest thing, minor mp3.. lol eeeeeeejit

mechlord1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


Lol, i can understand how you feel.

First of all, SONY CAN ride the "gaming first" train all they want. Its not their fault MS slipped, now they can (and should) make that count every single god damn time, which is what they are doing. And, if i may add, is working.

Have you noticed how the net didnt burst up in flames when the news broke that PS4 wouldnt do DLNA/mp3? have you noticed how it bursts up in flames whenever we find out another negative thing on the X1?

Its not because SONY is paying journalists as some have expressed, is because X1 is pissing itself so bad that even negative PS4 news pale in comparison.

On Consider and Plan .....

One thing SONY showed us, is that they can upgrade their shit through software to include features...They have been doing it all this time with the PS3 so people on the back of their mind know this is coming soon, because its a no-brainer.

You say this guy is a pure trained PR dog and yet you would prefer he used PLANNED?

that would mean that SONY purposefully left out mp3/dlna from the console and from the first update and that would look good on the picture. See, either he's not totally a well-trained PR dog or youre not that good either...(along with some other options in the middle)

Now, being a software dev myself, i can tell you this:
Once a product is deployed, what takes the most time and adds more complexity to adding new features isnt the features themselves (even though sony wouldnt just add mp3 support)
No. Is all regression testing (and all other verification needed) that has to be done. You have to make sure that whatever youre adding, no matter how small doesnt break anything existing.

Im not saying it will take 6 months because of that, im just trying to explain it to you that is not a simple matter of writing 4 lines of code and uploading the new firmware.

shadyiswin1777d ago

yeah it's funny how the xbox one was thought to be rushed,yet it will be ready for almost everything minus the adding of an external hard drive on day one. Even despite the 180 everything will work.
Sony who i know had the same drm policy and who had planned to add a camera with each system suddenly took out the camera,has been all about the players and games games games.
Well it seems since E3 microsoft has been all about the games,there press conference had about 10 exclusives and other titles with exclusive features,sony has giving you guys killzone and knack...
The ps4 will not play 3D blurays,mp3 or any kind of files,no video capture,and no music cd's period. This is nothing new sony always underwhelms with there consoles after promising the world, will only backfire when real consumers find out about the simple things. To say we were thinking about the games is b/s software and hardware are to different divisions,so while one is hard at work on "games" the other is hard at work on the console,which to me is nothing but a ps3 with a graphics card,even last night we got our ps4 kiosk and guess what.....its a ps3 that hides under the ps4 dummy box,sony has a lot of "gamers" fooled,rewatch all of there e3's from the past 5 years and you will see sony is full of sh*t.
Side not we got the xbox one display in on nov 1st,it is a real unit but it is not powered on,instead theres a media box behind it that plays videos of games on the dual monitor set up,we are the only store on long island with one,and it shows,people take pictures with the display and it always causes a crowd once they see its there,suddenly its "not that big" and "sexy" lol this website will be in for a shock once the numbers from us sales rolls in.




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kingPoS1777d ago


Divx & 3D support didn't come till later; features the PS3 never had to begin with.

Give it time!

Gateway MT6706 2008

Mister_Dawg1777d ago

Yeah I forgive you $ony for being sooooooooo focused on gaming.

Cheers boys. I don't give a rats ass about media and I'm soooooo glad that you don't either.

Cheers again boys.

The_KELRaTH1777d ago

and also surprised we didn't like the way they sneaked in the new T&C's

Leviathan1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

DNLA compliance is still a dealbreaker for me. I'm a solid SONY fan, however I MUST HAVE my media center otherwise I'll just buy another PS3. I'll wait to buy my PS4 until it streams from my PC or I wont buy one.

CuddlyREDRUM1777d ago

The Music Unlimited thing was their exact intent.

NateCole1777d ago

As i mentioned before. I think its more a manpower issue. They have limited staff and most are focusing on dev gaming features for the os.

Azzanation1777d ago

If Sony were focused on the gaming, then why does XB1 have a stronger Launch line up?

2cents1777d ago


You are the biggest hypocrite around.

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Mikelarry1777d ago

"So as we speak the teams in Japan and in the US, the system guys, are discussing on how and when we can put these features on PS4"

and there you have it

Xsilver1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

we will have these features sooner or later so yeah.

Cueil1777d ago

>_> MP3 support isn't exactly a "feature" support... it's a decoder and has been around for nearly 2 decades

Lovable1777d ago

Cmon now...MP3 is like the most basic and use of file type. They knew and decided to leave it out in purpose.

Snookies121777d ago

At least they seem to be trying to fix it now. That's definitely a good thing.

NegativeCreep4271777d ago

With Sony, you don't have to just "Deal With It". And that's definitely a good thing.

Mister_Dawg1777d ago Show
Abriael1777d ago

Lessee, between Shuhei Yoshida and lovable on N4G... who will I believe.

Boy that's a hard decision. I'll get back to you on that one :D

MidnytRain1777d ago

The people trying to get your money would very much like you to believe what they're saying, lol.

zeal0us1777d ago

Oh boy you done kick the hornet's nest with that comment.

The_Villager1777d ago

I agree I mean do people not remember Sony used DRM with their own ATRAC audio file but MP3 won out in the end so ATRAC died.

Not allowing us to play our movies or music from external hard drive is just pathetic it's almost 2014!

Mister_Dawg1777d ago

Was that the rootkit fiasco?

Deadpoolio1777d ago

Cause they should totally care about you morons who steal movies constantly...Pirates shouldn't be a concern ever....If you can't manage to purchase a movie that is nobody problem but your own.....The only reason people are crying about DLNA is because Sony movies have Cinivida protection and playing them straight from the system trips that and cuts the audio after 20 mins

Leviathan1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

@ "deadpolio"
There are millions of people like ME who buy MOVIES LEGALLY who run huge content media servers for their whole house. I'll continue to run PS3's until PS4 suports such.

Death1777d ago

Wow, some people have no idea what a DNLA or media server is. Sony actually established DNLA in 2003. I own hundreds of retail DVD that I ripped to a couple terabyte HDD's to run in my media center PC. I can access all my movies from my 360's which are media center extenders or thru my Blu-ray players and PS3 using DNLA. All my music and pictures are on there too. It's extremely convenient.

It's great that you feel the best way to experience movies and games is by exchanging discs, but some of us actually like the freedom digital provides. I don't rip my Blu-rays since the file size is too large and I prefer to keep the video at it's highest quality though.

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WeAreLegion1777d ago

I'd kill for a first-person mode in Resogun.

Destrania1777d ago

I love that gif. So freakin' amazing. I have Killzone SF just waiting next to me. Three.. More.. Days!

Ashunderfire861777d ago

I got Killzone ShadowFall, and getting Battlefield 4 for free! from Amazon.

Nujabes_1777d ago

Consoles have evolved. They're not used just to play video games, they are now multimedia centers. How they could forget about MP3 support is completely beyond me.

izumo_lee1777d ago

I get what all the fuss is about but I don't get why everyone is making such a big deal about it. If they have said no than by all means go nuts. They didn't think it was as important as the PS4s other functions. And sure if I was in their shoes I would endorse my own service... wouldn't anyone?

Besides developers spend millions of dollars creating in game music only to have it obsolete cause of custom soundtracks.

Again I get it but I may be in the minority in thinking this isn't as big a deal many are making it out to be.

Destrania1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Completely agree with izumo. Keep calm and enjoy the incredible gaming device for it's primary use. More features will be coming all the time. Jeeze.

izumo_lee1777d ago

Cause maybe there are so many other forms of media to play MP3 on that people already have on them. Like your phone, or your computer, tablet, satellite radio, etc.

Sony made it loud & clear it was going to be a gaming console first & foremost. All the media functions are added extras that may or may not be used at all. The good thing is they have listened to the people & will add it on at a later date. Better than them outright saying 'No'.

xPhearR3dx1777d ago

Yes but they also introduced a feature allowing us to finally stream music in the background of our games. That should have be an instant "Better support MP3s".

Sony is a business just like any other business, their ultimate goal is to make money. They can say anything they want for good PR, but their goal was to have people sign up for their music service. It's a service they invested money into, why wouldn't they want people to subscribe. From a business point of view, it would make no sense to not try and get subscribers.

Do I think less of Sony or going to rage and cancel my PS4 pre-order. Hell no, but for one minute if you think their goal wasn't to try and push their music service, you're in denial.

Conzul1777d ago

Well said, Phear.

Next thing you know they'll be all like.."You wanted mkv and flac support?! We had no idea!"

Snookies121777d ago

@Conzul - MKV and FLAC support would be wonderful...

theWB271777d ago

I mean plays movies, streams , movies, has features for playing music through their service, internet browser, etc etc...but it's so much a gaming machine only that they "forgot" MP3 playback. Hardly...Sony deals with music through its record label, supported it on their last machine but you want to believe they just conveniently forgot such a simple thing?'s cool they're gonna add it in, but it's clear they wanted to push their Music Unlimited subscriptions for extra revenue.

I find it hard to believe they forgot Mp3 but remebered to have Music Unlmited built in because they're so focused on being JUST a gaming platform.

rhcpfan1777d ago


Exactly. I just wish more people on here could criticize Sony more often for stuff like this instead of giving them a free pass each time. I mean, they're a corporation and yet people here treat them like some kind of gods.