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GIZORAMA - There are some people who watch bad movies, just for the kicks. The “So bad it’s good” genre, is one that is quite popular when it comes to film, but there isn’t really one for games. Typically, when a game is considered “bad” it is due to the failure of certain technical components, and that is never fun to deal with. However, what if you had a game with solid, and borderline unique mechanics, with a ridiculously atrocious narrative? Would that work? Let’s find out.

In the vein of Diablo or Torchlight, Blood Knights is an Action RPG. There are two characters to switch between, the blade wielding Jeremy, and crossbow firing Alysa. Both are very unique, and your main character will differ based off of your combat preference. You may find the two sets of controls cumbersome at first. Most of Jeremy’s attacks are located on the bumper and triggers, and Alysa’s crossbow attacks are on the shoulder buttons, while the grenades fire from the triggers. But, after the first couple of missions, I found myself adjusting, and even enjoying this layout.

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