Peter Moore: Why EA decided to put Favre on Madden 09 Cover

As you may have heard by now, EA Sports tonight announced Brett Favre as their cover athlete for Madden NFL 09. Brett unveiled the new packaging on The Late Show with David Letterman, and Peter Moore was proud to be present at the taping to see the announcement first hand.

It is with great pride that we take the bold step of featuring a retired player on the front of packaging, an honor normally reserved for a player at the peak of his game. I say with great pride, because some may question the marketing strategy behind this (and many at EA did just that, quite frankly). I don't for one minute.

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PimpHandHappy3888d ago

i am going to replace this cover with my own creation

i will take this Farve cover and wipe my a$$ with it

kevoncox3888d ago

I like this idea. I think they can do it every year. Some great player hangs it up almost every year. Established players think that the 100,000 that EA spends isn't worth it and Rookies are quickly going to join that bunch due to their salaries. Retired players seem he best bet. After all, they use retired college players each year for their NCAA title.

nutjuice3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

but when you post the link where it shows Favre on the cover and it's a PS3 box instead of a 360 cover then you can feel good about yourself.

BrotherNick3888d ago

So the curse doesn't affect him! He retired.

xg-ei8ht3888d ago

I hope sony stop e.a publishing games on ps3, you know they still can't get 60fps. sad noobs.

If it's not smooth, they should be able to release the game.

I know its nothing to do with the thread. But i'm starting to hate e.a, and i cannot stand peter moore, the guy is a prick.

PS360WII3888d ago

Awesome! Best idea ever from EA Sports ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.