PS4′s 10 biggest launch games – the release day essentials

Launch lineups don’t generally yield the evergreen treasures of the generation right away – it takes some bedding in for the greats to emerge. PS4 looks set to buck that trend, with 20 titles available right from the off. There are first-party blockbusters like Killzone: Shadow Fall, seasoned franchise veterans Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14, and a host of indies like Flower and Resogun, all available as soon as the starter’s pistol goes off (that’s how console launches work, right?). But which ones to buy? Let’s go through the ten essentials.

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guitarded771710d ago

I have all of those coming (except the sports games) and some more. I've never been a big Need for Speed fan, but since it's the only racing game, I had to have it. Personally, I prefer sim racers... wish they'd port GT6 to PS4, even if it's not a true next gen experience. Still gonna get it on PS3 though.

Steven211710d ago

I have Assassins Creed, Battlefield, Cod, FIFA, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Madden, Killzone, Knack, NBA 2K, and Need For Speed at home already waiting for me.I can't wait to boot it up.

guitarded771710d ago

Nice. I got AC, Battlefield and Killzone at home already, and a PS Camera and extra controller. Waiting for Amazon to bring me CoD, Knack and Need For Speed. The rest are to be downloaded. I'm losing my freaking mind waiting. I'm like a kid before Christmas after the presents were put under the tree a week early. I'm sure my wife is annoyed with my daily updates... "ONE MORE DAY". She'll be really annoyed when they become hourly updates.

Steven211710d ago

Same here. My girfriend is getting annoyed by my constant need for updates on whats happening with the system. I've had my camera and extra controller for some time now too. I was lucky enough to be able to test it out with my PS3 and that has just made the wait even harder! Add be on PSN we'll get a game or 2 in!

memots1709d ago

How do you already have nfs rivals ? It's not available until the 22nd??

Steven211709d ago

I have it ordered and paid off I was expecting it today so I assumed I had it but thanks for the heads up! Sucks I have to wait till then to get it.

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SweetIvy1710d ago

Can't wait to play Warframe as well :)!!

Deios1709d ago

I have Killzone, Knack and Injustice.

Matt6661709d ago

How does COD and Fifa beat BF4?