Dark Souls II UK Preorder Collectibles Announced

Mike writes, "As the slow march towards the release of Dark Souls II continues, game retailers have announced a bunch of exclusive collectibles in the UK and Ireland for people who preorder the ‘Standard’, ‘Black Armour’, or ‘Collectors’ edition."

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guitarded771714d ago

They need to make this for PS4 and XBOX One. It's coming to PC, so it shouldn't be that difficult. The game is coming out 3+ months after the launch of next-gen, and many will already be gaming on the new consoles. I'd hate to see this game get looked over.

sypher1713d ago

Wow I see a lot of eBaying by Dark Souls fans/collectors in future. Impossible to get everything unless you pre-order at multiple outlets.

darren_poolies1713d ago

Hmm where shall I preorder from? Not sure which one would be the best.