IGN- PS4: Hands-on Demo of AC4 Remote Play

IGN:We sat down for a Remote Play demo of Assassin's Creed 4 at the PlayStation Review Event. This is what we saw.

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xHeavYx1708d ago

It looks great, and it only took them 1 week to implement remote play? Crazy

kiz26941708d ago

I heard it was only a day and half.

GarrusVakarian1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

1 day apparently. Amazing.

Can anyone clarify this for me please.....If you are playing a PS4 game via remote play on the Vita....are you essentially playing the game as it would appear on the PS4 just on a smaller screen or are the graphics "downgraded"?

RytGear1707d ago

The graphics are the same it is just a smaller resolution but it will be native to the vita's screen.

FamilyGuy1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

The resolution is reduced before it sends the signal to the Vita. I think it's sent in whatever the Vitas native resolution is or 720p (can't remember)

Either way it will look great (amazing) on the small vita screen, it doesn't downgrade the graphics whatsoever, just the resolution.

The PS Vita Tv outputs at 720p, if you're remote playing to a vita tv I'm pretty sure you'd notice the difference between it's quality and the PS4 source quality though.

0ut1awed1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Yea, one day and they not only adapted the controls correctly but they also added a whole separate touch screen map function, seen around 1:15.

I'm glad Sony is making game developers support remote play. There really is no excuse not to.

DonMingos1708d ago

Awesome, this is preety simultaneous and without lag.

I would like to watch a video of remote play on a diferent router connection.

Can I log to any wifi outside my home where my ps4 is (with a good connection and speed) and still have a good experience of remote play? That would really make me buy the vita with the ps4

thornh1708d ago

This is what I want to know. I'll find out this Saturday when I take my daughters to dance class and I have to sit there for two hours. I want to be able to access my PS4 and continue a game or start a game from my Vita. If that works it will be amazing.

Luthiens11708d ago

A lot of answers in this thread mate,
Really does seem the business.

DonMingos1707d ago

Thank you, very helpfull indeed. I wish there was a PS4 + PSVita bundle

0ut1awed1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

I replied to a similar comment over in another article so I'm just going to copy and paste it here. I think it will help you understand it a bit more...

As for 3g/4g, you can't play it on the 3g Vita which totally makes sense. You can technically connect it to 4g via a mifi device or tethering it to your 4g phone. It probably wouldn't be playable though even if it actually connected because of the terrible latency associated with cellular networks.

Any standard home connection over 10mbps down should be fine (in theory) to connect your Vita back to your PS4 at home.

As you brought up though, one of the main concerns is your home network upload speed where your PS4 is physically located. You probably need at least a 10mbps upload speed on your home network for it to work and be flawlessly playable.

That's the issue and that's also why Sony's official stance on remote play outside your home network is vague. Sadly not a lot of home connections have decent upload speeds. For example I'm currently getting the best I can get for $100 a month and it's even labeled "business" class. Even so while I have a 50mbps down speed, my up speed is only 3mbps...

So right now most home connections won't support remote play on the go. Hopefully that will change very very soon with ISPs like google fiber exploding outward. Even comcast and fios are offering larger upload speeds.

FamilyGuy1707d ago

I'm sure we'll be seeing some out of the home videos of how well remote play works soon that give more solid numbers on the upload speed required to get it running flawlessly/with the least amount of lag.
10mbs upload sounds ridiculous, hopefully it works okay at something lower.

Lannister1708d ago

I'll buy a Vita for this feature.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1708d ago

Theres way better reasons to own a Vita than just remote play.

stavrami1707d ago

I've owned a vita day 1 and absolutely love it was a point i was playing it more than my ps3. with every awesome reason to own a vita there is none better than this plenty of reasons equal too but none better

TomahawkX1708d ago

So does anyone know if the game has to run on the TV as well as the Vita at the same time? I guess you could just turn of the TV.

Idba1708d ago

Its just on for a comparison. Y

thornh1708d ago

Here's another question. I am going to have my PS2, PS3 and PS4 all hooked-up to the same TV. If I am off somewhere remotely playing a PS4 game on my Vita (obviously logged into my PSN account) can my kids be home playing on the PS3 logged into the same PSN account?

Sevir1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

If your PS3 is in its own input and you dont turn off the PS4... Your Kids can simply switch to the input the PS3 is on and play while you remotely access the PS4 via the Vita... HOWEVER, Remote Play outside the home needs a very very strong WIFI connection, something over the measly 3-10mbs connections you get from wifi hotels or malls or even Starbucks... You're essentially playing online, with remote play so by thing to have nearly lag free game You'd need a 20mbs connection and very Low Ping!

Thats why Sony has said remote play will work outside of the home but a very powerful connection will be necessary and they recommend in home for the best usage!

sigfredod1708d ago

you can turn it off, change the input, see tv doesn't matter, the conection is between the PS4 and the vita, the tv has nothing to do

FamilyGuy1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Short answer: Yes

What's seen on the PS4 is seen on the vita so yeah, the ps4 will always output the image being remote played. The only exception is if you're using the remote play to show same couch co-op on to two separate screens.

So you can't, for example, have your PS4 play netflix on your big tv while also remote playing a game to the Vita. Whatever is seen on the PS4s output signal is seen on the vita.

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