PS4 vs. Xbox One: Avoiding Another Decade Of Brand Loyalty Madness

By Paul Tassi: "This article, like many, many others written this year, has “versus” in title when talking about the upcoming contest between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Both are indeed in competition for the hearts, minds and most importantly, dollars of the average consumer, and it’s going to be an intense sales battle this holiday season and well into the future."

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darthv721775d ago

From the article:
"Honestly, the ideal solution to this issue is to own both consoles (even if that’s not possible for most). I used to be a fairly rabid Xbox supporter, then a few years back, I purchased a PS3 and realized that console had a whole lot to offer as well. It was hard to say anything terribly negative about either system after that, as both demonstrated their own strengths and weaknesses, and there was no clear “winner” in the end. But if you haven’t played both extensively, at least recognize that there’s a fairly large chance you don’t know enough about the system you don’t own to make an informed judgment about it."

This couldnt be more true. I tend to start off each new gen with a preferred platform but at some point i get the others as well. and i feel as if im a better gamer for it. there will be those games and experiences that you just cant play and enjoy any other way.

no disrespect to those who pick only one side but lets also be respectful to those who choose to play the field as chances are they too share the same enjoyment. I will enjoy the ps4 just as i will enjoy the xb1 and i look forward to gaming with those on both sides.

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The Meerkat1775d ago

10 years is too long not to have both.

But I'll start with the PS4

user74029311775d ago

if being loyal to a company because they dont treat you like sh1t is bad, im guilty as charged.
greatness awaits

cityboy1001775d ago

Sad to see that u feel that way but I have always enjoyed all consoles and will continue to since Atari, yes I'm old school.

DoctorJones1775d ago

It's not really a case of being loyal though, being loyal's fine in a way. It's just the immature crap that gets spoken that's annoying, and you seem to do that quite often.

MetalJedi1775d ago

He makes sense but it's so much much to read comments from those who defend their consoles like it's family.

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