Early Receiver of PS4 States Day One Update Not Live Yet, Shows Killzone Shadow Fall and More

PlayStation 4 is just three days away from its official launch into the wild. Many retailers have started shipping the console to meet the delivery date given to customers. Many have received their PS4 early but following the console ban drama that followed for the early receiver of the Xbox One who faced a console ban (but after making strides in news was informed that the ban will be lifted when the Xbox One officially launches), are hesitant to post pictures or videos of their unboxing even when Shuhei Yoshida clarified that no one will face the ban if they receive the PS4 ahead of the launch date.

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DrRobotnik1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Sony, can still play games with out day 1 patch? Yes? Then all is well. Microsoft, can I play games without day one patch? Play 360 till my internet is working again?...well...ok.

thorstein1738d ago

"Microsoft, can I play games without day one patch?"

Reply: Sorry, you are BANNED!

minimur121738d ago

see in a sense, Sony were clever, the guy was banned for leaking a load of information about XB1, Sony probably don't want a load of information leaked before launch, so they're putting most successful features in the day one update so none of the information gets leaked

XB1_PS41738d ago

Weren't the taco bell ps4s today though? They advertised getting it early, yet you can't use all of the consoles features.. That kinda sucks. Although, I'd still be ecstatic to get it today.

Boody-Bandit1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

"But MS, Sony doesn't require an internet connection to play games offline."


Oh well, I guess someone doesn't like the soup nazi. hmmmm maybe it's me they don't like? Nah. It has to be the soup nazi. I have greatness. Well I will in 2 more days!

ovnipc1737d ago

Lol. Ms keeps messing up. Just let people play. U ban someone and that looks bad. Guys plz any can confirm this for me if kz still has heavy, or laggy or whatever its called aim? Like kz 2 and 3? Or its smooth like cod?

DonMingos1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )


Obviously no one around here has payed it yet.

But let me rephrase your question:

"Guys plz any can confirm this for me if kz still has heavy, reallistic, rewarding, simulation of real combat or whatever its called aim? Like kz 2 and 3? Or its like that arcadie, easy, unchallenging like cod?"

That's more like it

But that was one hell of a stealthy troll, congrats

combatcash1737d ago


Lol it's definitely not realistic. It's a bit slower than other shooters I played and beat number 2 skipped 3 it felt just as slow. There's nothing wrong with it but to say it's a simulation of real combat is a big stretch.

starchild1737d ago

The well-documented latency in the controls is not realistic. People make excuses for it because it is a PS3 exclusive, but if it was any other game it would be criticized and attacked for the latency in the controls.

Whether you like Call of Duty or not is a personal taste sort of thing, but it is an objective fact that it has far less latency in the controller response compared to Killzone 2 and to a lesser extent Killzone 3.

I've heard that the latency has been reduced in Killzone Shadow Fall which is purely a good thing.

Realism comes through animation and physical reactions in the game world, not through lag or latency in the controls. Those are two completely different things.

thorstein1735d ago


Well documented?

Whoops! That myth is debunked.

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Belking1737d ago

That because their online has nothing worth

Studio-YaMi1737d ago

They are so bitter! ..
your fanboy tears I mean. :D

DrRobotnik1737d ago

Your trolling is bad, and you should feel bad.

Azzanation1737d ago

Why do people care about a day 1 patch? who the hell cares. If you don't update your system there's something wrong with you anyway.

itBourne1737d ago

Whats with all the day one patch stuff? Is it a surprise to people?

Side note, for people without internet or idk maybe our ppl in the military, they should throw patches into games, similar to how the psp did it. If that cannot be done, throw a disc in with the console that has the patch on it, obviously you cant for launch ones, but the next wave manufactured you can.

Kaze881737d ago

You can download the update from Sony website to your USB.

Go to usb section and press the download link. problem solved.

Ashby_JC1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I thought the PS4 didnt except external HD??

I guess a USB memory stick is different.

EDIT - OK just read the link. Cool. 3 options to update.

The main one that sticks out to me is being able to update the system via a game disc.

I wonder if MS wen this route. Not everyone has a internet connection always available. But im sure those early adopters (like myself) have internet.

Kaze881736d ago

@Ashby yeah on Xbox one you get updates on disc's as well, but i heard that the newest update is not on the day1 game disc's.

FANTA11801737d ago

so for some reason the day people get the x1 their internet is going to be down for the 15 minutes it needs to update????

i can hotspot my smartphone and down load it no problem.

i dont see the arguement.

DrRobotnik1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

The problem I see is that Microsoft only offers the update through Live. Yet Sony offers it through PSN and Download from their website via USB thumb drive if traffic on PSN is to heavy. Not every one in the world has pristine internet. small percentage, yes but still a large number. 5% of 5mil is still 50,000. 50,000 angry voices.

FANTA11801737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )


thay just posted the patch ,...bc the console comes out tomorrow night

xboxone comes out next week its possible theyll do the same either way the majority of the people buying this console are going to have an internet connection.

and xbox live has a reputation of being a much better service than psn.

Ashby_JC1737d ago

I cant see many early adopters buying a PS4 or XB1 and NOT have a internet connection.

Hell being that the XB1 has most if not all the main features behind a membership. The notion of buying one and NOT having a internet connection is the fault of the consumer.

Its like me buying a (wifi only) tablet and getting home and realizing that it needs wifi to work and not having wifi.

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WeAreLegion1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Why doesn't he just download the update on a flash drive and put it on the PS4?

EDIT: It looks like they took down the download. I can't find a mirror, either.

MajorAly1738d ago

He doesn't want to take any kind of risk on his machine. I can understand and relate to that.

However on launch day the servers will be clogged as hell, so downloading the update and keeping it on USB in such a case would be wise.

chaosdemon091737d ago

This is why on my preordered amazon ps4 I just picked standard shipping. Yes I won't have it on the 15th like everyone else.. Ill end up with it basically a week from now. Why did I do this? So if any issues arise online wise from the form of day one update..they"ll have it all fixed by then. In other words I'm saving myself the headache of trying to connect day one like everyone else and basically going nuts when it doesn't work. I don't want to brick my future ps4. Cause with so many people downloading day 1 there's bound to be a few download errors which lead to install errors that mess up the console. Not going to be part of that thank you.. Lol..

Angels37851738d ago

I know seriously You can find it on the net I've already downloaded mine

Deadpoolio1738d ago

Yeah cause that is not at all totally stupid do download a file from some random site....I'm sorry but how stupid are you idiots that are all gung ho downloading firmware from anywhere that isn't an official Sony site......Anyone doing that has to be mentally retarded, if Sony hasn't released it NOBODY actually has it

WeAreLegion1738d ago

You should probably look it up before going all crazy on everyone...

rainslacker1737d ago

I downloaded it from the Sony official site about 2 weeks ago. The link was found and posted. It's since been removed though. I saw another article that Sony had officially put it up earlier.

RCslayer1737d ago

I couldn't have said it any better.

first1NFANTRY1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


Lets say you live in Aus and you download the update from the ps US website (that's the only place to get it) would it work on a PAL console?

Edit: cool thanks for the reply. I just wasn't sure. Didn't want my brand new ps4 kicking the bucket because of it.

WeAreLegion1738d ago

According to Neogaf, it probably will. That's how a lot of people did it with the PS3. The PS4 is region free, as well. So, I'm pretty sure you can.

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Lord_Frieza1738d ago

That's one lucky son of a b***h

Leon_Blu1738d ago

How do you know if he is a son of a bitch though?

wolokowoh1737d ago

Well, he obviously screwed the pooch(female evidently). Then it had a male human-puppy hybrid. Finally it grew up to get a PS4 early by way of something can only described as a stroke of luck. Or the person who is lucky is really a dog. Or his censored word is not "bitch" Or it could be just a colloquialism. Would do I know? There's your possible explanations.

HyperBear1738d ago

I sure hope the update will at least free up some more hard drive space on the PS4. Somewhere in the range between 430-450GB would be a hell of a lot better than 408GB as it looks like right now :/....

Also, does anyone know if we will be able to delete/uninstall the PS4 PlayRoom Application that comes pre-installed?

Stick891738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

The guy who stated it only had 408GB already had 3 full games installed on it that totalled around 85GB total...

Edit: Upon further review I was wrong haha. The amount of space taken up by formatting the drive, and the OS really is around 92GB. If you look closely at the pictures it says the drive's total is 408GB, and that there are only 324 left (after install of the games).

HyperBear1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

See this is what is bothering me cause everyone keeps saying that the reason why it's 408GB is because of the 3 games installed, but however that is not the case here:

Look at the first picture:
408GB Available
84GB - Applications (Games, which should be 86GB if my math is correct from the 2nd picture)
1020KB - Captures
99MB - Application Saved Data

323GB - Free Space Available

So I think some people are missing the fact that 408GB is what the user starts out with (As available free space). Then after installing those 3 games the space left over is 323GB (meaning you start with 408GB in free space, NOT starting with 492GB like everyone seems to be thinking).

That's why I'm thinking the Day 1 update will compress/decompress the OS file size and free up some more space.

EDIT: @Stick89 LOL, yes I did :D. As soon as I hit the comment button, I seen yours was updated already and I'm like "Dang it". But yeah, it is a confusing topic right now....No one is completely sure yet!

Stick891738d ago

Haha Hyper you must've been typing all that during my edit. But yes, you are correct.

sourav931738d ago

Actually, the OS isn't 92GB. When installing a hard drive, you'll notice that you won't get the full capacity. For a 500GB HDD, you usually see the full capacity as 465GB. In that logic, the ps4 OS is really 57GB.

minimur121738d ago

Don't you guys forget about Playroom :D

DrRobotnik1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I remember when I bought the 20gig Ps3. Did some research about HD swaps. Dropped down 40 bucks on a 250gig HD. Problem solved. And I will do the same with ps4. I already have my 1tb 7200rpm HD willing and ready.

rainslacker1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

As sourov says, the reason HD's aren't as big as listed is because the manufactuers use increments of 1000 to count, whereas computers use increments of 1024 to count. It's a throwback to the days when HD's were really small, 10-100 MB's and the difference didn't amount to much. When moving to the larger sizes that difference became noticeable, however drives weren't large enough that the bigger sizes didn't look bigger due to the differences in counting. So since then, all HD's have been counted in 1000 increments for marketing purposes. After all, 1TB sounds better than 920GB's.

Actual differences in the OS reported size is due to the way the disc sectors are formatted for reading, which is why different OS's will have different amounts of available space. Some OS's, such as windows, hide sections of the disc from the user for OS purposes....basically making a hidden partition on the drive itself.

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isarai1738d ago

so the obvious BS from the techreview USA youtube shitstorm was in fact pure BS

Stick891738d ago

Did we ever think otherwise? Lol

isarai1738d ago

i didn't but many people did otherwise that shitstorm would have never happened, it amazes me how many people lack common sense sometimes