Shuhei Yoshida “Really Happy” about Competition with Microsoft: “They’re Very Smart and Resourceful”

SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has always been a real sport when talking about Sony’s most direct competitors at Microsoft, and today he went a step further, openly praising the team behind Xbox One .

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jimbobbeers1684d ago

Shame fanboys can't follow suit. Competition is good, gaming is awesome.

xHeavYx1684d ago

Well, I'd be very happy if my competition was MS too

Bundi1684d ago Show
Pogmathoin1684d ago

Could not resist eh Xheavy?? Please see first comment, the guy even got 3 disagrees.... shame...
Sad thing is, you got many bubbles from trolling, and please do not comeback with , 'oh, I present facts'

Septic1684d ago

Yoshida is a bawws!

Some of you lot could learn a lot from him!

Competition is the reason why the PS4 is so good, why Microsoft is trying so hard to match the PS4, why there is more transparency than before and why this generation will ensure brilliant experiences. Because of competition, no one, not even Sony, can rest in their laurels and be complacent for one moment.

Ultimately, competition only serves to benefit us gamers. So be grateful!

GameSpawn1684d ago

Yoshida is just one of those likable guys. He knows when it is OK to be a troll and when to be professional and sometimes a little of both.

kreate1684d ago

I rather not compete against corporations like ms, apple, Samsung, or Google.

They are just too strong and powerful.

And I don't even think they care too much about gaming like Sony.

Sony would never even think about selling their gaming division due to profits.Unlike some other company.

Jeedai Infidel1684d ago

kreate, there is an episode of South Park, "Something Wal-Mart this way comes", that perfectly sums up your attitude of these corporations that are "too strong and powerful". In it, Wal-Mart moves in much to the chagrin of the residents, so they boycott because they think it is killing small businesses in town, and they start shopping at the local market in droves. Well, before they know it, the local market is bigger than Wal-Mart, essentially becoming what they thought they hated.

Moral: people choose what they like, and that company that provides the product/service makes a profit. Heinz is much bigger than Hunt's because most people prefer the taste of Heinz ketchup over Hunt's ketchup.

Gekko361683d ago

@xHeavYx - Why would you be happy?

You're not remotely important, you are just a fan!

The sandpit is ready... Now go play

kreate1683d ago


thank you for the south park comment. i'll go watch it.

but I believe in balance in power. not the few strongest and everyone else doing what they can, to become like the few.

that's how Antoinette got her head chopped off by her own people.

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n4rc1684d ago

Well said... These two companies are hardly the enemies some of their fans are

daggertoes831684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Well said bubble to you sir

denawayne1684d ago

Sony - "Can you put your OS on all of our PC's/Laptops so they will sell and make us money?"

MS - "Can we put our OS on your PC's/Laptops so they will sell and make us money?"

Saviour1684d ago

@denawayne- lol, agree!

Blackdeath_6631684d ago

competition is good, its a shame there isn't any LOOOOL

joking aside i think years down the line is when things will really heat up both companies trying to but out the best services i wouldn't surprised if we start seeing articles with the headline "the battle of the cloud" or something like that. i wonder how gaikai is coming along.

thisismyaccount1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Yep, there never was one to begin with.

Early 80´s Nintendo re-invented/saved the console market.

Early 90´s Sega beat the cr-p out of Nintendo World Wide 16bit vs 8bit....

Mid 90´s Sony´s PlayStation hit like a meteorite hit the dinosaurs long time ago... Start of Sega´s decline...

Early 2000´s Sony´s PS2 beat the bejeezus out of the Xbox old VCR and the great GameCube(..why did this one fail, seriously?)

Around 2004 Microsoft "grabbed" some or maybe even most of the "Cell - Blueprints" Information thanks to IBM! Giving them a headstart into the PS360 Era! An important one... yet, with 12 months headtime it failed to deliver.

Microsoft has not released a game since 2001! except for Viva Piñata and Kameo (FRESH IP!)... i really do not remember anything coming from the Microsoft Studios..

Microsoft is like Nintendo, regurgitating the same IP over and over again (but they lack the "mario, zelda, metroid"-appeal)...hence why you have

5! Forza games in under 10 years (15mio. sales) and we have 5x GT (soon 6) in close to 20 years (80mio. sales incl. prologues).

The only one risking and deliviring new IP´s is not Nintendo (except for Pikmin), not Microsoft.. but it is Sony.

Crash Bandicoot
Medievil and few others

Jak and D<A>xter
Ratchet and Clank
The Mark of FUCKING KRI!!!
Getaway and many more...

God of War
Last of Us
Beyond and Heavy Rain (i know "2nd party")


WE all know what to expect! And judging what others are offering >SPACE exploration>... we might see something similar from one of the Sony Studios as well... in other words : I simply-FUCKING can not wait anymore...

creatchee1684d ago


Agreed. Most of the PR guys are classy in terms of showing respect to the other consoles, minus a few hiccups here and there.

Volkama1684d ago

When I started posting on N4G I was very neutral, a fan of both consoles. Over time the PS faithful turned me firmly away from that console.

Shushei just gave me a stark reminder that the fanboys aren't representative of the company at all. I'm back on board as a neutral, PS4 is back on my list for January :)

BlackTar1871684d ago

you let a community of .00000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000 00001% of a companies install base turn you off a product?

acquire stronger mind you must.

Volkama1684d ago

You're absolutely right, I know full-well that it's a tiny minority in the community. I've said the same thing to other people on these very forums.

I got drawn in to the idiocy a bit, but I'm OK now! Back to looking forward to Second Son and beyond.

SpinalRemains1381684d ago

Why would you let ppls comments dictate what you play?

Should not the products speak for themselves in that regard?

Jesus. I've heard of playing games, not resolution, but you actually take a step worse.

You need to play games, nit comments.

ballsohard20131684d ago

i can understand what ur saying. im farely new to N4G. As the next gen news was rolling out i went to all gaming sites possible to keep tabs. N4G was decent news with Sony but lately; like last 2-3 months the forum have become extremely anti-microsoft and Xbox One. I game so i plan on buying both Ps4 and X1, but its beyond fanboyism on here. Hey, a week or so ago there was a article w/ a video of Ps4 crashing with Knack running. There were many comments basically saying take the video down because the slander against Ps4.

U would think that as a gaming community if there was any validity to the video we would want to thoroughly investigate it and let our voices be heard but fanboys wanted that under the rug.

Don't let these douche bags deter your gaming experience. Spend your money and enjoy yourself.

Rattlehead201684d ago

Did you expect anything less?! C'mon this is N4G! Where fanboys hate eachother, and I hate everyone :)

lawgone1684d ago

I totally relate to what you said Volkama and went through the same progression. You are not alone. But I'm back to getting both.

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hankmoody1684d ago

And those that disagreed with you should be beaten with leather Hello Kitty straps.

Hicken1684d ago

That's the kind of kinky stuff my ex girlfriend was into. Well, if you mixed my ex-girlfriend with my ex-fiancee, and divided the result by my future second ex-wife.

H0RSE1684d ago

competition is never good, it just appears that way because our culture is saturated in it, and more or less, it is all we know.

AngelicIceDiamond1684d ago

Yoshida is keeping my hobby a float with a continuous games focused console so I'm an immediate fan of him and the PS4.

MS is expanding on what I like in gaming and enhancing the ever growing MP trend with dedicated servers and yes finally new Ip's.

So I'm a fan of MS.

This has been said 1000 times but competition breeds excellence. And us gamers benefit most of excellent competition, because we win with excellent games and content.

Gster1684d ago

Yep deffo, competition is healthy for the gaming industry. If there was none you could expect lower standards, and lower quality gaming experiences. With competition comes a push towards better hardware, better hardware means better games. I'm glad to see MS still there with a good chance of performing well enough in next gen. Otherwise it would be a little dull with just a one horse race. So good luck to them both.

TheGrimReaper00111684d ago

Now, not hating or bashing or anything like that, but do you think he just says it to make himself look good? Let's face it, they made lots of shoutouts to microsoft's mistakes.
Anyway, next gen in just looking better and better for both. Cant wait to see what it'll bring. E3 is awesome again!

Magicite1683d ago

not sure about MS being smart

GirlOnFire1683d ago

I wanna be friends with some the Xbox fans.. but my jokes just pissed them off. They took my bubble oh well.. never again. T-T

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phoenix_dusk1684d ago ShowReplies(1)
felidae1684d ago

if only some gamers would learn a thing or two from him

Freedomland1684d ago

What's with your avatar, whenever i take a look, it makes me puke. Please change for the sake of others health.

Rattlehead201684d ago

I've been on here quite a while, and I still don't know what it is..

Freedomland1684d ago

Definitely not his picture.

Enemy1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Sony just does the complete opposite of everything that Microsoft does. It's been very easy for them, they're hardly competing.

lawgone1684d ago

Sigh. I really feel sorry for people like you.

KillerByte231684d ago

I don't know why people try to defend their consoles when if you are a true gamer you will own both consoles to get the best of both worlds, this is why I am getting an Xbox One first in November and hopefully a PS4 in 2014, like I did with the PS3

SolidStoner1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

you are a happy man.. you must be having tons of money and free time...

edit: its not like its a bad thing.. and Im not jealous!!!

Lowsnamebrand1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I am only buying the PlayStation because of my bad history with Microsoft, I had an original Xbox that had fried after a month and a half and they refused to honor my warranty, I tried again with the 360 and rrod, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna take the time to support them unless they release a must have game, which I have yet to see any I absolutely need. And FYI I am a true gamer but I am also a consumer who doesn't like to buy bad hardware.

Death1684d ago

I had nothing but problems with my original Playstations and PS2's. PS3 has worked flawlessly since day one, but I don't use it like I did my past consoles. By all means follow the games. That is why I'm not in a hurry to buy a PS4. Killzone is the only game that interests me so far. Once Infamous releases it may be a whole other story though. I went with an Xbox One first. Main reason is my friends and the launch lineup. Forza, Dead Rising, and Killer Instinct are all must have exclusives to me. I'm interested in Ryse depending on how the reviews go. My friends are waiting for the Xbox One to play Ghosts and BF4 also.

creatchee1684d ago


I hate the term "true gamer", as most people use it inappropriately. You are on the right track, but finances must be considered. I would say that true gamers love games, regardless of platform, and don't disparage titles not on their console of choice. Rather they appreciate each on their own merit.

SpinalRemains1381684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Absolutely right.

A true gamer is someone who loves playing videogames. It ends there.

It is in fact possible to be a true gamer and only prefer one machine.

Hicken1684d ago

I'd say a true gamer also cares about the industry, so they don't just blindly buy, or buy knowing their purchase supports detrimental practices.

Baka-akaB1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

sigh ... while i always ultimately get most consoles and a PC each generation ... i too grow tired of the whole "true gamer owns both amalgamation" .

There is nothing truer about owning both .. it's just a choice . It's like claiming true cola fans drinks both Pepsi and Coca . Not everyone will like all games , even less all exclusive games

Taking MS and Sony , each got their set of IPs and studios upon wich each individual will have an opinion or not . Some will love both , others will pick a side based on their tastes . And then of course way behind , each companies got their own policies , plans or hardware and software philosophies .

There is a stark difference between "sorry it doesnt appeal to me" and "Do not want , do not need , it's crap anyway" .

The annoyances and "fakes" are the fanboys . Those that will argue any fact till their face turns blue . Can't criticize the companies they love on anything , even when it would improve ultimately their own experiences ... and can't even fathom recognizing the other side got anything good .

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