Edge- Could the next-gen be the nice-gen? If so, Zoo Tycoon is a good start

Edge:Microsoft’s launch line-up for the Xbox One is awfully stabby. At a preview event in London last week, I wandered from stall to stall, checking off hands-ons and interviews with the triple-A titles like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse, but on the list of interviewees there was a game that I’m now quite embarrassed to say I’d never heard of. Zoo Tycoon? What’s that, a game about stabbing lemurs? Kicking penguins? Pulling the wings off an eagle?

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christocolus1740d ago

Definitly keeping my eyes on this...looks awesome

MrCastle1740d ago

Why doesn't xbox market this game heavier?! I am definitely downloading this gem on day one. Don't you dare let RARE feel unappreciated Xbox! If they ever return to form, it will pay big dividends.

GusBricker1740d ago

I think that's what the whole exclusive to WalMart thing is doing.

MrCastle1740d ago

This looks to be the biggest game to utilize kinect. Until kinect sports comes out. It's in Xbox's best interest to drum up interest in the kinect. This looks to be a promising avenue to do it.

Computersaysno1740d ago

I like this sort of game. I like theme park and theme hospital and roller coaster tycoons and railroad tycoon etc.

None of them really translated onto a console very well though and the previous Microsoft backed zoo tycoons were well..... A bit crap.

I really want this to succeed just because I want more strategy games and building games like this. Unfortunately by limiting it's platform I think they are really limiting it's appeal. This needs to be on PC to get backing I think

IanVanCheese1740d ago

Great article and I agree, I laughed my arse off when I first saw Zoo Tycoon on the launch day line-up and now it's a definite purchase for me.

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