UK Exclusive Dark Souls 2 Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Entertainment Buddha writes, "Dark Souls fans living in the UK will be getting unique bonuses if they pre-order Dark Souls 2 from select retailers. Depending on where the game is pre-ordered will determine what sort of extra bonus items you will receive. Fans who pre-order either the ‘Black Armour’, ‘Collector’s’ or ‘Standard’ edition of Dark Souls 2 will be treated to collectible bonuses not being offered anywhere else at this time.

We’ve got a few images of these bonuses, as well as a breakdown of the various retailers offering the UK Dark Souls 2 pre-order specials. Head on down below to check out the where you can score your Dark Souls 2 pre-order swag before the game releases next spring."

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Run_bare1708d ago

I am still hoping this will come to PS4, i hope the SONY launch will reveal this. If not, i will preordered next week on PS3.