Xbox One Vs. PS4: Does it really matter?

OmniGamer's Phil Keeling, on the verge of the next-generation, is finding it difficult to be hyped, and asks, "Does it really matter?"

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gillri1706d ago

Not really...but its still fun and games

Kingthrash3601706d ago

the "war" while entertaining, its bs.

at the end of the day we love games and when the 15th comees around most of us will be too occupied to care.
x1 vs. ps4 war has brought a treat to gaming though this time around, bringing drm to the table really set things off. imo it would have killed console gaming as we know it. so this war to me ment something and was won by gamers not sony when it was removed. imo sony would have sold TONS more than it already is if drm would have stayed on x1. personally im avoiding xbox(first major console i wont buy) because of the lies and contradictions they have constantly made. with the 360/ps3/wii/ps2/ps1/xboxorigin al/nes/snes/n64/sms/sg/ss/gb/ds /psp/psv/gc i knew what i was getting. with the x1 i still dont know wtf that it a gaming system with entertainment capabilities or a entertainment box with gaming capabilities? efff the war i want to know as a customer what i am getting.

LOGICWINS1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

The Xbox One is an entertainment box with gaming capabilities. MS made that clear a few months ago. Some people will like that, some won't. You can't please everyone.

The only positive thing that can come out of the console war is that if the PS4 outsells the XB1 by a large margin is that MS will be forced to drop the XB1's price, thus giving prospective XB1 owners more value.

I'd gladly pick up an XB1 if it was $399 and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way. The better the PS4 sells, the quicker that will become a reality.

UltimateMaster1706d ago


You make your own mind on which console is better for you.


Whatever is more appealing to you.

2cents1706d ago

To gamers who are getting both -No
To gamers who are getting one first then the other further down the line - No
To Fanboys - Yes, it matters a great deal.

Don't be a fanboy!

xPhearR3dx1706d ago

This whole PS4 vs Xbox one thing is getting old fast. On N4G it's even worse that it's becoming tiresome reading the same trolling comments in every damn article. I just want to see some videos and next-gen reviews. Plus what's going on into next year.

These past few months the comment section is hardly discussing the article at hand, but rather bickering back and forth on which is better, why this is better than that etc.


I been on this site since 2006. This fanboy shit is so out of control I barely even come to this site anymore. If I say I like ps4 I get voted down or xbox I get voted down, guess I'm just getting too old for that stupid shit. Getting both by the way...

xPhearR3dx1706d ago

I've been here a lot recently due to the next gen consoles launching and so much info everywhere, it's nice having it in once place. But man, this site has gone downhill so fast in the community.

LOGICWINS1706d ago

Nope..both have their pluses and minuses.

If your the type of person that is an avid cable and tv/movie streaming consumer and only buys two games a year (one sports game and one shooter), the Xbox One is the console for you.

If your more focused on gaming, get a PS4.

Different consoles for different types of people.

VanguardOfCalamity1706d ago

I will most likely do all my gaming on the PS4/PC and wait for the xbox 1 to have a few more console exclusives before deciding to purchase it as well.

pheature1706d ago

i think the war is just mainly a pass time for most people to keep them occupied until there console is out

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