Sony: Planetside 2 is 'Massively Multiplayer Halo' for PS4

As Sony Online Entertainment prepares to bring Planetside 2 from PC to PlayStation 4, president John Smedley has some ambitious goals for the online shooter -- namely, his team aims to attract an Xbox audience. “We believe that Planetside 2 is going to be the massively multiplayer Halo for PlayStation 4," Smedley told IGN. "So we want to bring a completely new kind of gameplay to a completely new audience.”

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DonMingos1773d ago

This is really a very underrated exclusive.

One of the best games on pc right now with one of the best gamer communities

iRocket1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Is it exclusive if its for the PC and PS4? But yeah, this game is good, enjoy it PS-guys! Fans of Battlefield are sure going to like.

AlexanderNevermind1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Made by Sony...PC PS4 exclusivity

Point taken and

webeblazing1773d ago

you made it worst by posting that just leave it be.

Salooh1773d ago

Titanfall shouldn't be considered exclusive to X1 too :) . If they count it then these games should be counted to the ps4 too ..

Moncole1773d ago

With logic like that than Titanfall is an X1 exclusive.

JasonKCK1773d ago

Titanfall and Planetside shouldn't be classified as exclusives. Been playing Planetside on my PC and will play Titanfall on PC.

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webeblazing1773d ago

you say underrated exclusive then say pc??? im pretty sure everyone appreciate this game cause its fun and chaotic. I gotta get back into it though its too much grinding for me, but then again it free. been playing off and on for a year between games.

DonMingos1773d ago

Exclusive as in Titanfall exclusive... I meant exclusive consoles-wise

Saviour1773d ago

funny how console fans argue harshly with each other, yet Sony develope games for microsoft windows xD.

DonMingos1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

And Microsoft develop games and OS for Sony Vaios :)

PixelNinja1773d ago

I've been playing with these German players, they are bloody brilliant, I really feel apart of the community, like we are all working together to a common goal. I'm apart of a platoon of 60+ players and every time I play a game with them it feels like a new exciting experience, a true community driven game.

Heck, on one day our platoon (NC) and a enemy platoon (VANU), agreed to a agreement to not kill eachother so we could fend off the TR 100+ player onslaught to protect a BIO lab, after we captured it we left on mutual grounds. Was weird talking to enemy players but you never know what you are going to face, so remember to always speak up and never EVER go in guns blazing. Tactics are the way forward.

You'll meet all sorts of people playing Planet side 2, the best ones are the people you least expect.

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Blackdeath_6631773d ago

i hate halo planetside is nothing like it. its not a good thing to say your game is like halo

PixelNinja1773d ago

If I made a sci-fi FPS game, I'd be honored if someone made a comparison to Halo.

Blackdeath_6631773d ago

if i made a sci fi game i wouldn't

sigfredod1773d ago

Bring it on, massive battle fields, i'm ready

cell9891773d ago

There is some truth in that

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