Watch the Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Trailer

Posted by Steven Ter Heide // Game Director, Guerrilla Games -

The wait is almost over – Killzone Shadow Fall comes out November 15th in North America, with the UK and Europe to follow on November 29th!

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Abash1709d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall is looking to be the first killer app of the PS4 and a reason to get one at launch. This game looks just astounding, the tag line should be "Killzone Evolved"

PLASTICA-MAN1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

yes, I was gonna mention that part, it really looks another gen beyond the upcoming gen, another within the same game and it is a real and apropriate showcase of the Killzone "dark" universe.

Before, they struggled to to make one Goliath on PS3 in KZ3, now they have many of them coupled with many other robots and aircrafts and building...

Sarcasm1709d ago

Yup, and can't believe this is a LAUNCH GAME...

I seriously can't even imagine what Naughty Dog and the other Sony 1st party studios are cooking up.

Septic1709d ago

Seriously blown away by this.

sincitysir11709d ago

I'm glad killzone is thriving. GG deserves this level of respect. Not many devs can create masterpieces

UltimateMaster1709d ago

It looks like an amazing game.
Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Xsilver1709d ago

1:25 i just saw a glimpse of the PS5 true story Mind Blown

chestnut11221709d ago

Lol At this Top Comment from the Vid

"10 Xbone Faggots watched this Vid and that 1080p resolution hurt their Eyes!"

And someone replied
"too sharp and clear, lol."

Sarcasm1709d ago

Seriously people... I keep looking at that and keep seeing more and more detail. There's giant F'in mechs everywhere!

Ezz20131709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Dat tech video *Drooooooool*

did you also see their Rain tech ?!
they improved it alot since GTTV video

overrall this tech video
prove how much they improved this game engine since E3
True next gen game in Dat amazing 1080p native

Angels37851709d ago

I just had my "next gen" moment... or maybe my gen moment.

Sevir1709d ago

Holy Hell! That just made my morning!!!

At the start of this year! KZ:SF look impressive but it didnt strike me as NEXT GEN!

This now shows the PS4 in all its glory and what we can expect to see beyond 2013! Killzone:Shadow Fall look Mindblowing.... The Mawlrs, Holy shit there were, the mechs the destruction and not one freaking texture pop in happening during that portion.

No One can Deny it! Killzone Shadow Fall is The BEST Shooter of 2013, and the Best Looking Next Gen Game of 2013!

I'm looking at my copy of KZ:SF and all i can think of is YES LAWD YES!!!!!

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izumo_lee1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Yeah man! There are Maulers everywhere in that gif! Also love the Robotech/Macross like missiles in the sky! All in-game engine!

Also to point. The music in that tech video is spectacular! If that is a sample of the games music this Killzone is going to be the best yet!

xHeavYx1709d ago

That game looks just amazing

sigfredod1709d ago

oh yeah! the details the gloves, even the pin from the greande

TocaCannaBowl1709d ago

Daaaammmmnnnn dat grenade pin

majiebeast1709d ago

Hey they fixed the rain from the GTTV episode. The tech trailer is really cool.

Az1mov1709d ago

those explosions! 29th happy greatness day

PR_FROM_OHIO1709d ago

WOW!! 3 more days the wait is killing me lol

isa_scout1709d ago

lol... I'm not counting thursday as that will be the night of the midnight release...It makes me feel like it's closer :)

DEEBO1709d ago

I totally agree with you!
2 more days my vita awaits the ps4

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